WEIRD Hot Dogs… Woah!

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HDCN reader Andrew Sawyer tipped me off to these hot dog creations.  There are some creative folks out there!  Some of these are not hot dog cart – friendly, but they’re all worthy of home cooking for the family.  Except for the last one – yuck!

Here we go…


Spaghetti Dogs – Looks like it was made in the Play-Doh Fun Factory press.  The creation of this meal is actually not very labor intensive: Simply puncture slices of raw hot dog with uncooked spaghetti noodles and boil.

The French fry-encased frank is one of many South Korean meat-on-a-stick specialties sold at road-side artisan stands. The above creation is food blogger Phil Lee’s American version of the east-meets-west treat—for which he substituted corn meal batter and homemade French fries.

The Chihuahua – Crif Dogs, the popular New York City eatery located in the East Village, is beloved for its variety of wrapped and overloaded franks. This particular culinary explosion contains a hot dog blanketed in bacon then capped with sour cream and avocado.

The Ditch Dog – That which combines two of the most popular American foods is the Ditch Dog, served at Ditch Plains in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Hungry New Yorkers can score a slightly-charred potato bun filled with a hot dog and topped with a Gruyere/American/Parmesan mac ‘n’ cheese blend. It’ll only set you back $14!

Egg Roll Dogs – At Eden Wok, the glatt kosher Chinese and sushi restaurant in New York City, diners can find egg roll-wrapped hot dogs on the appetizer menu. The hot dog is encased in a sheet of egg-dipped and deep-fried dough—and goes for $2.50.

The Hot Dog Flower – A cumin-flavored skewered sensation—served from a food truck parked directly under the Manhattan Bridge in New York City’s Chinatown. At the recession-friendly price of $1 dollar each, these creatively carved dogs are the epitome of urban street meat.

Hamdog – Mulligan’s Bar in Decatur, Georgia, is home of the Hamdog. Herein lies the contents of this creation: One hoagie roll, one hot dog wrapped in a half-pound of beef patty then deep-fried and topped with chili, bacon and a fried egg. Comes with a coupon for a free angioplasty.

Corn Dog Casserole – This uncommon casserole takes comfort food to a whole new level. Layers of hash brown patties, crumbled bacon, baked beans, corn and French fries are topped with quarter-inch slices of cooked corn dogs and drizzled with yellow mustard.

Hot Dog Summer Roll – Boldly going where no cook has gone before, Jill Snyder, from season five of Bravo’s cooking show Top Chef, created this spring roll-inspired hot dog wrapped in rice paper and filled with various vegetables.

The Corn Hole – I almost didn’t include this one… it looks friggin’ nasty!  From the center moving outwards, there is corn on the cob wrapped with hickory bacon, which is then surrounded by alternating hotdog slices and Colby-Jack cheese sticks before being encased in ground beef.

original story in Woman’s Day

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i’m a chicago girl … and some of this just isn’t right, steve. to take an all beef wiener, blessed by a rabbi, and force it to do such things is just against the laws of heaven!


Bernie Null


Chuck Ellis


I’m with you,…that last one is too weird! :)






In the competative world of Food-Service let these creations flop around in cyberspace.
I have always practiced the KISS method of marketing : KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID
always lookin forward


reds wife




“Well, I’ll say it again,,,I’ll try anything once.”

I’m not sure if I could keep a straigt face if one of my customers asked me to give them a “Corn Hole.” I would insist no KETCHUP, the visual would be to disturbing for me.


Jack West

I’ve operated four hot dog carts at various times ( I’m looking for a fifth) and I might even try a couple of these dogs. Thanks for the info.


Jack West

A fifth CART



We’re in a “Billy By The Book” county in California. Our health department only allows us to steam dogs, so we’re always looking for ways to skirt around the missionary style, and keep it interesting and fresh. Don’t think we’ll be serving up Corn Holes anytime soon tho…..?
Always good reading here, thanks Steve!



I must be sic. I thot the “cornhole” looked pretty yummy. ; ^ )



most horrible except the hot dog flower


CraZy Daves

Cook it an they will buy?
Not likely Keep my dogs KISS thank you



i don’t think i ever seen those kind of dogs befor .but your reading is great think you



I’m with Grizz. If you look at it without thinking of the name, it might taste pretty good.



Overall I’d say pretty nasty except the bacon/avacado dog looks way good! I’ve been makin bacon dogs since I was a kid But I’m gonna add the guac for sure!
Good Doggin!


Tim/Get Grilled

Wow! most of that looks like a waste of a good hotdog. But if it trips your trigger I say go for it.

As for the The Corn Hole. I have a don’t ask don’t tell policy.

Get your grill on!


Steve(Fat Franks)

Ewwww, the last one, is grosss.


Russ Hiltz

Some pretty creative dogs! Yesterday, I unveiled the “El Grateful Wrap”, my chili cheese Dawg with a couple dollops of salsa wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla instead of a bun and popped on the grill for about 30 seconds then flipped over and grilled another 30 seconds.

Takes about a minute more than the chili dog, and a bit of filler seeps out on the grill. So I don’t offer it at night, when the line is often 6 deep. Anyway, sold 2 dozen at lunch yesterday, and the response was great. It is now permanent on my menu.

The owner of the club where the “Sick Puppies” played to a sold out crowd ordered $100 of my chow for the pre-show pig-out. Can now boast that I have fed the Sick Puppies!!



Hey Russ,

Sounds delicious – love it!

Congrats on your success!!!



Esteban Guzman

Hey Steve, I tried my hand at making the Mexican dogs and I gotta tell ya, they were a success! They are delicious! Just thought I’d let yall know.



I think that the “corn hole” would be
a great success in San Francisco.



Don’t let chicken Charlie see the French fry one—-



Spaghetti hotdog? That’s just toooooooo wierd. I think I’ll try it and add swedish meatballs and marinara sauce. :-}



The cornhole….I would have a problem getting that out of my mouth,,,lol…………god thats funny!!



Very nice site!


Daryl at "The Blacktop Grill", Denver, CO

Okay, that’ll be $3 for the cornhole with brown mustard. Did you want a pickle with that order?


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