Pics Of The Most Beautiful Hot Dog Cart In The World!

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EZ Built hot dog cart

UPDATE: 9/2/09  I just got an email from Larry’s grandson Nick Moreland. He’s the artist who created this masterpiece. Apparently Larry emailed me pics of the cart before the murals were finished. They were so good that I didn’t notice, but Nick sent me pics of the finished work. It’s even better, if that’s possible. I swapped out the old pics for the new ones, so take a second look and be amazed.


I’m totally blown away…


Check out this E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart covered with custom hand painted murals. If you are from Chicago (like I am) you will be sure to recognize these scenes. I don’t mind admitting that tears came to my eyes when I saw these famous scenes from my old home town gracing the sides of a hot dog cart built by one of my customers.

This is why I do what I do here at

I’d like you to read the email sent to me by Larry and Ruth, owners of this rolling work of art.

Hello Steve,

My wife and I are both retired. We were looking for ways to generate some extra cash. Our daughter works for a large insurance company and kept telling us she got a lot inquiries about coverage on a hot dog cart.

So after ignoring that for 4 months I decided to look into it. I ordered your book and video one night and thought I could build it without much trouble. But I wanted it to stand out from other carts or its just another hot dog cart, not that that’s bad. We are quite proud of it, what do you think?  We finished cart last week and got all the permits.

Hope you like the pictures. I was thinking of building one with the St. Louis Arch on the back do you think their would be any takers?


Larry and Ruth, Patriots Hot Dogs

Larry and Ruth – you made my year!!!

I hope everyone enjoys these pics as much as I do, and if you have a finished E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart I want to see your pics too!

And you all need to leave comments for Larry and Ruth – they deserve it!!!


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Steve, How do you like our tow car? It is a zinc yellow zn cougar. We are going to be on local campus this week. Still waiting for your call. We are worried about Fest we are invited to, last dogger made 3 to 4,000 for one day event. Should we decline until we have more experience? larry


Mike Merrick - Kansas City

Jake & Elwood could’ve picked up the $5,000 for the Penguin doin’ just one festival with that cart! Nice job!



Wonderful creativity, i’m sure the intrigue will bring more sells just because it’s different.



Do the fest. That’s a great opportunity to make money and learn a lot at the same time.

You’ll do fine this year and next year you’ll do even better because of the experience.




To all you doggers, don’t worry about how good you’ll do from one day to the next. Just do your best and work hard at it and everything will work out fine for you. What must not happen don’t run out of dogs with a line a mile long. :-)


Tim/Get Grilled

That is a great looking cart. Those pictures bring back a lot og good memories my family and I have had in the Windy City.

Larry and Ruth email me at I am just down the road from Chicago and we go there a few times every year. Let me know where you are set up. I would love to check that out up close. Is that Crazy Jim from the Monsters of the Midway in the back seat of the car on the hand sink?


Bob Abraham

OMG Very Cool!

I spoke to Buddy Guy on the phone once. I love the Chicago sign going down the side.

I also like the aluminum trim touch very nice!

Love this cart!


Debi Dunaj

That is awesome! I’m sure you’ll make killing with that cart.
Good luck!


Clarence Burrell, Jr.

Where can I get a hot dog design for my cart? They look very good. It will be good for business.


Steve(Fat Franks)

That is one, Hot Cart!!!!!



Great looking cart!!! Larry go for it,,,do the event. I’ve only been doing this business for a few months and I just bought my second cart from a non-profit group who was looking to get rid of a small cart they had(Networking all the time) Not sure if I’m going to use it for dogs, I was thinking of a Pretzel or Churro cart to do some smaller events. I could not pass this up. All S/S Push cart, with two full pans, cold box,display top all for….Are you ready for this $300. I’ll make something out of this cart, hopefully it’s $$$$$



Nicole Phebus

I am so proud of you all, great job ;) You will do very well, lots of confidence in you guys!



Hi all,


Nick Morland

If anyone is interested in any artwork for there cart, please do not hesitate to contact me at
I was the artist for this cart above… Thanks for all the comments, it helps keep up motivation


pat browning

Nick – Great job on the art work! Looks great in the pics, haven’t seen it in person yet. Congrats to you and your Grandpa on your hot dog cart and best of luck to both of you, hope you make lots of $$$$$. This is Nicole’s mom in case you didn’t notice the name!!


Esteban Guzman

I love your cart, I would love to do something similar to my cart, if that’s ok with the artist? Awesome artwork, how long did it take to get it done?


Tim Jackson

Steve men tioned and insurance co. for the carts, can anyone help me find that name. lost it somewhere and our cart is on the way to Alaska. Would like to be insured before we even start up. Thanks


Daryl at "The Blacktop Grill", Denver, CO

Holy Chicago, Batman! That cart is a rolling, profit-making, work of art. Great job, Larry & Ruth!


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