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how to build a hot dog cart outside

Just got this comment from long time reader Jim M. who says the only thing stopping him is that he has no garage to build his hot dog cart in.  Problem solved Jim.  Read on…


Dear Mr. Steve,

I live in a small place and I want to build an E-Z Built hotdog cart.  I just have never had a garage to properly build my hotdog cart in.  It does get to me because I have wanted to do it for years and I have followed you for years, listened to others as they have had success.  I have also wanted for you to build my website after I get a hotdog cart built….so it does get a bit frustrating….but in all, I have always felt that you are there for soooooooooooooooo many of us.  Jim M.


Thanks for the kind words Jim and I’m here for you too!!!

I have some good news for you.  Many of my students built their E-Z Built Hot Dog Carts outside and are out there making money today.

You’ll never live the slinger life if you don’t get started. Just figure out a way and move forward a little bit each day. Soon you’ll be on the streets selling your tasty hot dogs to raving fans.

If you have a blue tarp, you can build your cart out doors. Just cover it up at night while you are working on it.  You should be able to find a friend or family member who will let you work in their back yard for a week.

Here is a link to a story we did on Stevie’s Red Hot Weenies.

Stevie is one of our student who built an E-Z Built hot dog cart outside. He has since quit his hospital job and has been slinging hot dogs full time for several years now. It’s a good, inspiring story:

Click here to read Stevie’s story:

Success Story – From A Curious Phone Call to Full Time Hot Dog Slinger

All you have to do is take the first step like Stevie did.  You’ll figure everything else out from there, one step at a time.  And remember – HDP is always here to help. You can do this!

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