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I just received a great question from HDCN reader Arnold Sims :

Hello Steve,

I am sending you an email asking for a little advice. I found a location to setup at with my cart but it’s not working out.  I have been at other places for similar amounts of time and had absolutely no problem making money. I’m very confident it’s because of the  demographics.

I’m currently following back up on my research for the hot dog industry and am re-evaluating places for a location. I was wondering if you could give some advice and pointers on finding a location.

Thx a lot.


Hey Arnold,

Cold calling on business as a way to get a location has a dismal success rate because people do business with those they know, like, and trust. If they don’t even know you, you’re usually dead in the water before you walk in the door.

Here’s how to put the odds in your favor…

Start networking with local business owners. Here is a very informal, easy, low pressure method that you can use.

Just drop in and shop around, talk to the owner, buy something if you need it, but DON’T mention your hot dog biz.

Do this a few times to build up familiarity, then one day mention your hot dog business and how well you are doing with it. You need to appear successful, not like you need help.

Then casually mention how you think that putting one of your carts out front could really help bring new customers into their business.

By this time the business owner knows, likes, and trusts you. You are not a stranger who wants something – you are a friend with whom they can partner for mutual benefit.

BIG difference, from a psychological standpoint.

Also join the local Chamber of Commerce, Lion’s Club, etc. But don’t just join, be active. Go to the meetings, help out, volunteer.

You won’t get any benefit unless you actually participate! Remember – everything is based on the “know – like – trust” model.

Think of this method as a long term investment. It takes some time but it really pays off.

Even after you get the location of your dreams, keep on visiting local businesses and building relationships. You never know when you’ll need tap into one of your investments.

– Steve

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