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how much food to bring to events hot dog cart
Nature writes,

Hi Steve… This winter I have been selling dogs on the side of the road and have been doing pretty good…. BUT… two weeks from now I have my first BIG BIG event 10-15,000 people ..really.

Picture 1

Promoters are saying 20k people but we all know they   Anyway is there any “formula” that one uses to know just how much food to have? This is a Jazz fest and the weather should be great. Just doing dogs and Brats.

There are 3 other food vendors one who sells greek food and two “consessions” .  I will be the only one of my type. I have lots of big events planned this summer but I’m nervous about my first.

Please throw this out for help. I dont want to run outa food or have way to much.

Do any of you have a formula that you use based on projected attendance?


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