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How to start a hot dog catering business

Dan writes, “My town has very tight limits on street vending. Any other ideas?”

Oh, yeah. Do I ever…

When most people think of getting into the hot dog cart business, the first thing that comes to mind is street vending. They picture themselves with a daily location, regular customers, sunshine, and good times. And that is all very true.

However, some cities have limits on their street vending permits that make it more difficult to be a daily street slinger than in other towns.

But please, my wanna-be slingers – if that’s the situation in your town don’t worry. There are a LOT more ways to make money with a hot dog cart than daily street vending.

One of my favorites is catering. Talk about a “sure thing”. You always know how much food to bring and how much money you will bring home. You can schedule a catering based hot dog business around the other things in your life like work and family time. It’s a great way to go!

Other types of hot dog vending that would fall under the catering category include store grand openings, corporate events, business lunches, car dealer promotions, etc. A lot of my slingers make $100 an hour doing store opening events that we hook our members up with from time to time.

Today’s lesson? Just use your imagination and those pesky street vending rules won’t bother you at all.

If you want to start a hot dog catering business we cover the ins and outs in the “Carts of Cash” section of our training website. We have all the contracts and checklists you need as well as ideas on how to price, market and position your hot dog catering biz to get the best gigs and make the most money.

I even share with you my secret weapon for doubling your profits without having to any more work. Hint: It involves more fun for your customer and their guests. Win-win.

Plus you get personal help from me. I’m inside the member’s area every day answering everyone’s catering questions. If you want a proven blueprint to success that you can simply follow step by step (with someone holding your hand when you need it) then this is for you.

I’ll see you inside Slinger!


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