Big Momma’s Hot Dog House!

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Hi Steve,

I’m finished with my E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart and have been slingin’ for 3 weeks. Awesome!

My husband made mine 6 feet long, so I’d have more working space. He made me do ALL of the plumbing by myself to make sure I could fix it on the spot! Hope you like it?

I’ve already been booked through December 11th by one group here in San Antonio,TX.

My husband got me the larger George Foreman grill for my bacon wrapped dogs and an AWESOME location on S. Flores and Military Drive.

It’s people like you that brings out our inner desire to grow as entrepreneurs.  I definitely learned a lot…

Thanks for all of your support.,

Lucette A.K.A. Big Momma


Great job Lucette!

I’m really impressed with what you have done, especially the part about doing the plumbing yourself so you can fix it if you need to. The plumbing is E-Z (just like the rest of the cart) but your husband is a smart guy for suggesting that.

Looks like he’s going over the checklist with you in the pics below ;-)

I’m also proud of you for being booked so far in advance right out of the gate. That’s awesome!

Welcome to our world Lucette! Congrats in the comments people!



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Hi Lucette,

Sounds like a perfect location! Happy doggin’!



Hi Steve,
We just bought a used hot dog cart from ebay. I’m still reading and will now start to get required licenses. We did things out of order from your list but it will get done. I love all the posts and pics that people send in, what a creative bunch of people, it is so motivating for people just trying to get started, thanks Steve!!


Jeff w w

Looks like you 2 make a great team,so i know you both will have a great time bringing in the money,have FUN!!!!!!!!!!


Curtis Ormond

Cart looks great, best of luck.



Nice job. Hope you don’t mind input, but the buckets look a little tacky and junky.


Wanda Swan

You go Girl! Sling them dogs!

Wanda Swan, Dixie Kitchen



Big Mamma, you go girl!!!!
Your set up looks great and love the grill and crock pot too. Happy you get to live your dream.



Good catch Brenda.

An organized set up is more appealing to customers and will definitely make you more money.

I love everything but the buckets.

Thanks for the constructive pointer!



Bada Bing Mobile Hot Dog Cart

You go girl–BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fat Daddy's Dogs

Big Momma, man, I wish I could get my wife to do plumbing. Great job and congratulations on your new venture. With an E-Z Built cart, Steve and the gang you have great tools and a great support group.

My daughter is stationed at “Fort Sam”. I’ll tell her to be sure and stop by and to get the word out to all the soldiers she knows on post. Good Luck & Remember…”You ain’t lived ’til you sling some weenies!”



Looks great. Are you running the George Foreman off a generater, or do you have an external electrical source? thanks!


Robert M

Nice looking cart! Isn’t it a little heavy on the backside with the extra length? I’ll agree with everyone else, ditch the buckets.




Most of the weight is in the front of the cart so lengthening the body to the rear isn’t a problem at all. There are quite a few “stretched” versions of the E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart on the streets, Jason Thurston’s famous “Campfire Grill” is probably the most talked about.



Tony/ Hot Dogs U Relish

hello big Momma, 1st of all I love the name, 2nd you did a great job on your cart, my hats off to you for getting out there and making your dream come true, I hear from so many people of being out of work and here we are turning out carts into cash cows, man you gotta love it.




Way to Lucette!! Wish you had been open there earlier in the year, we would have stopped by and bought some dogs from from you. Youngest daughter will be stationed at Lackland AFB in another month so we may see you some time in the future. Best of luck to you!!

Love the fact that you did the plumbing on your own. That knowledge may well come in hand y some day.


Tim/Get Grilled Foods

Awesome. Good luck! Livin free and lovin dogs! have fun!



I just opened and my husband started taking pictures! The buckets can’t be seen!!!!!!! He’s a little to fast for me!!!!!!!! Don’t hate, I don’t violate…… The Foreman grill makes bacon wrapped dogs in 4 minutes. Yes, we run off of a generator when we do certain events. We just don’t want to go DOWNTOWN when there is so many people that hate to pay for PARKING!!!!!!!!!! Thanks yall


Jim OB

Great idea for making it longer! Are you using Batteries, Generator or do you have a souce for electric? Best of luck to you


Ray Burchett

good luck!!! Hope you have a boat load of success.


Lucette @ Big Mommas Hot Dog House

I have batteries inside the cart with two power inverters so I can run off my own power and I also have a generator. My husband got me these battery chargers so that I can plug up on Sundays to keep my batteries fully charged. You can find them at Northern tool or Harbor Freight for $7.00 . I really appreciate all of yalls advice along the way! There were times that I wanted to stop but glad I didn’t. And thanks for telling your family and friends about me. Big Momma


Okanagan Doggin

Hi Lucette,
There has been times this summer when I stopped too. I found my setup was to labour intensive and being set up on a city street the flow of people was hard to predict. While I was stopped I thought of ways to set up faster and shaved off half an hour on my set up time. I have found a new location, at a Greyhound bus Station. the terminal has only two vending machines to service it’s customers. Today was my first day, and I was a hit. There also 10 business nearby and no restaurants or vendors to be found. So I’m glad I continued and I’m glad you did too.


Helen Brooks

Congratulations,Lucette and Boyd
What an exciting venture! It takes innovative ideas
these days just to cope financially—
Best wishes.



Good Luck! My husband and I are still doing research and hope to take the big plunge soon!


Tim Jackson/Webedogs

Joyce, We looked for 5 years. Please don’t do that! Steve will give you everything you need to know, we ordered and within 3 months took the plunge! Worth what ever you deside to do, build or order, we ordered a cart; don’t put a hammer in our hand!!!! NOT a good idea. Steve knows the business, follow his advice, you won’t go wrong. We are old and this is our retirement, OMG what a hoot!!!!!! Love it!!!!! smile smile!!!!!


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