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This just in from first mate Jim at Wieners on Water (WoW). Jim is the laid back first mate on the WoW boat where he sells hot dogs to all manner of water loving boating type folk.

Never ’twas a finer lad who lashed a bowline to a bollard. Aaaarg!

I was first acquainted with Jim when he sent me this video about his water borne shenanigans aboard his hot dog boat

Jim writes…

Hey Steve !!
We now have Wieners on Water tee shirts.
We are taking advance orders @ this point & can’t keep them in stock.
I will send you one in the fall when things slow down & we close for the off season.
Please let me know what size & where to send it.
The pics were taken on the 4th of July. That’s Laura the cook & boss. LOL.
We have such a great time & we love doing it.
The offer for lunch is still open !! Stop by anytime.
1st mate Jim.


Here are some pics of the fair and true Weiners on Water, along with Laura in the obligatory hot dog costume. (Hey Jim, I make my wife wear ours too, LOL!)

Click the pic for a larger version.



I can’t wait to see what the shirt looks like Jim and Laura!!! Can’t wait to model mine here on the blog, also. I will take you up on the lunch offer when I get out that way!

Keep up the good work matey, and tell our readers where to order their shirts in the comments if you would.

Now where did I put that Jimmy Buffet CD?…


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