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Update: Kash Maxwell’s Kickstarter + New Coupon

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Mr. T said I was taking the day off today, but that was before I got this awesome news. Besides, I just can’t stay away from my slingers – you folks ROCK. Oh, yeah – I have a new coupon for you too. I pity the fool who misses this!

hot dog cart kickstarterTyler Smith is an aspiring slinger from northern Illinois. What I like about Tyler (other than the fact that he was obviously born with entrepreneur blood flowing through his veins) is that Tyler doesn’t do anything half-@$$ed.

From his decision to build his business on a proven foundation that’s been helping doggers get their start since 2008, to the over-the-top effort that went into his video marketing and capital raising plan, Tyler knows how to get things done.

Mr. Smith and his business partner got ahold of me at the end of last month to tell me about the way they are funding their business through Kickstarter. You can find out more about it at the original post which I’ll link to below. I ran their story here on Hot Dog Cart News and received a lot of positive feedback. In fact you all must have believed in Tyler as much as I did because his project just became fully funded 18 days early! Wow!

SPECIAL OFFER. I love success. It gets me pumped. So to celebrate, I’m going to give you the same E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart Package that the boys at Kash Maxwell’s are using in their business, but at a sweet discount. Click here and enter the coupon code KASHMAX in the box at checkout to claim yours. This code also works on the combo package which includes the industry leading Hot Dog Biz 101 training course. This code will expire quickly so you need to put on your entrepreneur pants right now and strike while the iron is hot.

Congratulations Kash Maxwell’s, and thank you HDCN readers for being the best! We really have something special here.


P.S. Thanks for making my April Fools Day Gag so much fun. 93 comments so far…

E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart

original Kash Maxwell’s article on HDCN

Learn How To Sell Hot Dogs

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Joshua Black- The Underdog Millionaire


This is crazy. I just saw this on Kickstarter about a week ago and I meant to send it to you… of course you have your hands in this. I should have known.

The kickstarter site is going to revolutionize the way people start businesses. It’s unbelieveable and I’m glad to see that doggers can be a part of it.

Joshua Black


Tyler Smith/ Kash Maxwells

Thank you for your amazing support twards our project! Also, thank you to all of the readers that pledged money, reposted the link, or just gave us well wishes. We never dreamed this would have happened so fast!.. on another note, I guess I should of waited a week to order the ez built plans, I don’t even get to take advantage of my own discount…



Your timing has been impeccable the whole ride. I think you got your discount… ;-)
Great job!


Is that a periodic table of condiments tattooed on Tyler’s arm? I’m pretty sure it is with a bacon bracelet.



Good eye Joe.

Tyler Smith/ Kash Maxwells

Here is the first person to follow suit (as far as I know) another funny video and fantastic logo ready to go viral on kickstarter!


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