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Brick E-Z Built Hot Dog CartHere is an awesome home made hot dog cart – and a tale of caution that everyone needs to read…


Hey Steve,

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the how-to build a hot dog cart videos

I am far from being master, much less competent, carpenter but everything went fairly smoothly.  Attached are photos of my cart. 

I made a few modifications:

·         Length: 53”

·         No Cooler

·         4 sinks on stainless steel top

·         2 waste water tanks; It was easier to plumb two rather than run PVC across the cart.

·         L6 heater mounted on top.  I placed an extra mounting brace next to the water tower.  If you notice, I found a 2 hose regulator at Home Depot (approx. $20) which worked great for splitting the feed to the burner and the water heater.

Thanks again!

W. “Stan” Hegner
Top Dog Beef & Dogs LLC


Great job Stan!

I really like the brick look. Very different (different is good!).

Where did you get the brick table cloth? Very cool and in keeping with your theme.

Great tip regarding the two hose regulator, but I want to caution other cart builders here. Running rubber propane hose inside the cart body is a no-no. If it abrades and starts leaking, the gas will build up inside the cart body. Not good.

I can see in your pics Stan, that you ran copper tubing inside the cart body for gas line. It’s fine to use rubber hose outside the cart then hook up to the copper line where it enters the cart body just like you did. Good job.

I love the stainless top too. Simple and effective. I am also very impressed with how the brick veneer lines up perfectly on your side access door. Great job!

Nice E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart my friend! Very unique.

Sell ’em all!


Click the photo below for a larger version…


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