This EZ Built Hot Dog Cart is Built Like a Brick House!

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Brick E-Z Built Hot Dog CartHere is an awesome home made hot dog cart – and a tale of caution that everyone needs to read…


Hey Steve,

Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the how-to build a hot dog cart videos

I am far from being master, much less competent, carpenter but everything went fairly smoothly.  Attached are photos of my cart. 

I made a few modifications:

·         Length: 53”

·         No Cooler

·         4 sinks on stainless steel top

·         2 waste water tanks; It was easier to plumb two rather than run PVC across the cart.

·         L6 heater mounted on top.  I placed an extra mounting brace next to the water tower.  If you notice, I found a 2 hose regulator at Home Depot (approx. $20) which worked great for splitting the feed to the burner and the water heater.

Thanks again!

W. “Stan” Hegner
Top Dog Beef & Dogs LLC


Great job Stan!

I really like the brick look. Very different (different is good!).

Where did you get the brick table cloth? Very cool and in keeping with your theme.

Great tip regarding the two hose regulator, but I want to caution other cart builders here. Running rubber propane hose inside the cart body is a no-no. If it abrades and starts leaking, the gas will build up inside the cart body. Not good.

I can see in your pics Stan, that you ran copper tubing inside the cart body for gas line. It’s fine to use rubber hose outside the cart then hook up to the copper line where it enters the cart body just like you did. Good job.

I love the stainless top too. Simple and effective. I am also very impressed with how the brick veneer lines up perfectly on your side access door. Great job!

Nice E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart my friend! Very unique.

Sell ‘em all!


P.S. Hey slingers (especially future slingers). Now you can get my build a hot dog cart videos for free in our latest offer. Click here.


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BobD "FRANK'S" -Tasty- Hot Dogs

Very Nice! Now I have that song “Brick House” going through my head, which is an amazing branding tool!



Yeah, she’s a brick – HOUSE!

Bernie Null

She got brick House, was my first thought as well!
Nice cart!


Good looking cart! Steve, I’ve seen some hot dog and pretzel carts where the propane tank is hidden inside the actual cart. Mostly on the push cart designs. How does it work with hose or tubing when it’s inside the cart?



The propane cylinder should be in it’s own enclosure inside the cart with walls separating it from the rest of the cart’s interior. That compartment should have vents to the outside. A rubber hose regulator leads to a copper line where it enters the cart interior.

Mary,Shortys Heavenly Dogs

Hey Steve people are asking for Brauts ,I don’t have a grill how do I cook Brauts



Use pre-cooked brats or pre-cook them yourself in your commissary kitchen. Then sling ‘em just like dogs.

Bernie Null

Sorry Steve but you steam brats? I just found pre-cooked brats this past weekend (Now Wed) and was all excited I am meeting with the health Inspector tomorrow to find out if I can serve these and how…. That Chili and Cheese is on the agenda. I got a separate camp stove on the cart and a grill on a table to the side that we can use for brats but without the food handlers license I need to find out what I can do and not do and Our Health inspector is known for showing me a way around things… He told me today I do not need a Commissary (SP) he said if I had a tub with water and sanitizer no problem! Now on to the cheese and chili requirements. I will have an answer tomorrow as I have an appointment with him But steamed Brats hmmmmmm.

Also some other condiments for “Chicago Dogs and Coney Dogs” Just trying to find out what I can and cannot do…..

Esteban Guzman / Stevie's Red Hot Wienies

She’s a beauty alright! I was wondering, how do drain your waste water tanks? In one of the pics it it looks like the drain valve is right over the fender.



That was a bit of poor pre-planning on my part. The plumbing was already installed when I realized I was going to have an issue with the fender and I wasn’t about to re-work it. I use the dustpan trick on that side when draining into another receptacle.

sue and rena

Too much everything… it is not a wedding buffet. It is a hot dog cart. The magic is the showing up n leaving… not 2 – 8 ft tables draped in fabric.



I think it rocks. There’s more than one way to sling, my friends.


Hey! I’ll have you know those are FIVE foot tables. Thank you very much.

Bernie Null

lol this is why we live in the greatest country we can disagree!

Paul Chapman

That is an awesome surface on your cart, how did you do it.
Hot Diggidy Dog


Stan/Top Dog

Hi Paul:

It is 20 gauge stainless steel. It is mounted/glued onto a plywood top with corner edge applied to clean it up. I took it to a metal shop to have the cuts done as what I have on hand couldn’t handle it. All in all, the cost of the sheet and cuts ran around $300. It would have been less if my state didn’t require 4 sinks.


I like the cart. I like how everyone shares. Gives me more ideas for my cart.



Stan I love your cart the addvertisments on the table skirts are great!please consider that idea ripped off.Your own take and a unique showing,my hats off to you sir.



The brick finish looks great and absolutely saves a lot of money over other finishes like diamond plate. Great idea!


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