A Bathroom Discussion…

A most excellent question via email... Steve, I have a couple questions, please! As a newbie...Have you ever done a survey to determine what your readers do about going to the restroom while working their carts? Do they leave their cart?  Who watches it while they are gone?  Have they ever had any problems when [...]

Hot Dog Cart Condiment Tray – Sale!

I sell a pretty nice hot dog condiment tray over at HotDogProfits.com (in the accessories section), but it's kind of pricey. $43.87 to be exact. Here's a great alternative... HDCN reader Steven Pruner just alerted me to this condiment tray for $17.00 - WOW! If you need one, or think you might need one down [...]

Pics Of The Most Beautiful Hot Dog Cart In The World!

I'm totally blown away... Totally. Check out this E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart covered with custom hand painted murals. If you are from Chicago (like I am) you will be sure to recognize these scenes. I don't mind admitting that I teared up a little when I saw these famous scenes from my old home town [...]

And the winner is…

You people are serious about your contests!!! We set a new record for the number of comments in a single post - 148!  Don't you have anything better to do? Just kidding. I love it! You guys are the best. And when I say guys , I mean it in a non-gender specific sense. Because [...]

Butler’s Hot Dogs – Another Customer Success Story!

  This is awesome – I LOVE stories like this! I just got an email from Mike Butler in Michigan. Mike just got his hot dog cart up and running and he’s enjoying success right off the bat. […]

Hot Dog Cart Radio – Interview With Joel Goetz of “DreamMaker Hot Dog Carts”

Today you're going to hear an interview I did with Joel Goetz, owner of DreamMaker Hot Dog Carts (formerly known as American Dream Hot Dog Carts) in St. Petersburg Florida. Joel has a long history in the manufacturing sector, including RVs, custom vans, and now mobile food vending carts. If it has wheels under it, [...]

Video – The “Grateful Dawgs” Hot Dog Cart

I got a nice email from HDCN subscriber Russ Hiltz. Russ is living the dream in Lafayette, LA. Here is his story in his own words... Hi Steve! I enjoy getting your e mails.  I have been reading your site and updates since a few months before I got my HDC and started business. I [...]

The Return of the King (King Weenie That Is…)

Here’s some video of me and the E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart working my annual block party last Saturday. If you don’t know my story, I started, grew, and sold a successful hot dog cart business using carts that I built myself. When I sold “King Weenie Hot Dogs” I signed a non-compete agreement which prohibited me from […]

Gig Post: “Help…I can’t find a hot dog cart to hire in Buena Park(near Knots Berry Farm) if my life depended on it….”

Just got a desperate email from a California car dealership that needs someone to serve hot dogs for a four day gig. It’s THIS WEEKEND, so don’t lollygag or you’ll miss it. Here’s the email I got… […]