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Picture 2

Dear Steve,

My partner, Tess Lilly, and I bought your products and built our own hot dog cart.

It is nearly complete but I couldn’t wait any longer to share our cart with you and everyone who has helped us so much along the way! I will send final cart pics and our first day pics but for now I am enclosing these pics of our cart.

Extra special thanks to my brother Matt Oerly who did the rocking paint job.

Thank you so much for your help now and in the future.


Sam Oerly


Nice job Sam, Matt and Tess! Welcome to the fraternal order of encased meats.

If you aren’t rolling in dough right now, don’t give up on living the dream. You can build your own hot dog cart like Sam did and save $3000 in the process.

Now get out there and sling, baby!



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