Convenience Store Steamers on a Hot Dog Cart?

Why don't we use roller grills and convenience store style steamers? Russ asked, so here is my opinion. I would love to hear yours in the comments! Hi Steve, Thank you for your great information as I move forward in planning a hot dog concession trailer. I constantly refer to your aids in educating myself. [...]

Hot Dog Carts Needed. Two 3 Hour Days. Pays $700 Net.

Who wants $700 for six hours of fun (I mean work)? I need several Hot Dog Cart vendors to work two day gigs. You will give away 600 to 700 Hot Dogs each day, ketchup and mustard ONLY. The promoter will reimburse you up front for all product costs and pay you $700 for your time. [...]

Hot Dog Cart Business Tips – How to Compete With a Price Cutter

Hi Steve, I am having a dilemma and need your advice. My husband and I have a hot dog cart for last 3 years. We tried few different locations & decided on one. We’ve been here for the last 2 and half years. We live in a small town (under 3,000 pop). This spring a [...]

Who Wants to Ride the Hot Dog Express? It’s For Sale…

Hot dogs are part of the American Experience. So are steam trains. What do you get when you put these two icons together? You get The Hot Dog Express! Riding the Rails to Food Vending Success. The Hot Dog Express is a fully enclosed concession trailer built to look like an old fashioned steam locomotive. Cheryl Markwell [...]

How can a donut help you sell more hot dogs?

Hi Steve, I live in a very small rural area. Our McDonald's is in a gas station. We have one grocery store, Piggly Wiggly. I have owned a restaurant for many years, but our library needed to expand and had to take my building to do so. Now, I am building a small food truck. [...]

Big Gig in Montreal for First Timer

Hello Steve & fellow readers! I have found the best advice in the article and comments here, you guys are AWESOME! I’m from Canada (Montreal) where I operate a store front. I will attend a local festival next week that attracts over 200 000 people each year. It’s in its 4th year running. I sell [...]

Wheelchair Hot Dog Cart? Heck Yes!

  This question really resonated with me because a good friend of mine has spent the last 20 years in a wheelchair after an ATV crash. He didn't let it stop him and he is now a financial advisor and a professor of economics. I don't even notice his wheelchair anymore but I can understand [...]

And the Hot Dog Cart Junior winner is…

And the winner is... "Turn down the heat - you're smoking my buns!" - Mark Stricklett Mark - give me your address so I can send you your prize. Thanks for playing everyone. This was fun! -Steve HDP

Hot Dog Caption Contest

UPDATE: Contest has ended. Mark Stricklett is the winner! Hey slingers, The best caption to this picture (as determined by me) wins a free Hot Dog Cart Junior CD. Contest ends Saturday at midnight central time. Leave your caption in the comments. I won't publish the captions until the contest is over. You can enter [...]