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SOLD – Operating Hot Dog Vending Business For Sale

Hey Steve:
I have an operating Hot Dog Vending Business For Sale. Jimmy up here in Waterford WI. Thanks for talking with me today. As I said I’m putting my hotdog business up for sale due to moving out of state. Hate for this amazing business to fall to the way side. I’ve built a pretty good thing here. These folks in Waterford Wi love their hotdogs.

I’ve got two E-Z Built carts one is the standard cart and one is a side serve cart with a grill and three burners, we like this one best, almost tempted to take it with us….

I have everything for TWO full set ups for TWO locations. ( To use for a location and/private party. ) See attached photos. So much goes with it. Freezers,carts,fridge, small wares,inventory, as well as training if they want to keep what I have here going.

All the Vienna Advertisement costs nothing, it comes with the cart only IF you sell mostly Vienna product !

hot dog cart for sale waterford wisconsin

Building this business is simply the smartest thing I’ve ever done. For all our videos and photos please Look at Face book and our web page

Asking $5700 for a working business taking home several hundred dollars a day after expenses. This is an amazing business. We are working it as we speak so the buyer can just step in and take over.

I can answer all questions just give me a call at SOLD


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