Chopping Onions for a hot dog cart

Unless you are Chuck Norris, cutting onions with a knife will leave you bawling like a toddler.  Don’t do it.

This is the dicer I use and love.

It’s inexpensive and makes quick work of an otherwise tearful task.  Get one here.

hot dog cart onion chopperJust cut the onion in half, place it on the grate and close the lid. Open it up and chop another one.

When you have enough simply pop out the green thingy (yes that’s the technical term for it) and dump your perfectly diced onions into a baggie or tupperware.

Clean up is easy with the included comb thingamabobber (sorry for getting all technical again).

Just comb out the leftovers from the white upper presser thing (yeah, I know, I know…) and wash with soap and water.

This thing rocks.

What do you use? Tell us in the comments!