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Hot dog vending at night outside bars and night clubs is an often overlooked way to make big money.  If you love the nightlife, you might want to consider it.

It’s a known fact that party people crave food like hot dogs.  And they’re willing to pay more for it.

But sometimes you have to be persistent…

Mark Balch owns a hot dog cart business in Keene, New Hampshire.  During the day he sells hot dogs on Main Street, but his ultimate plan is to set up in the bar district at night.  However, Keene city ordinances didn’t allow street vendors to stay open past 9 pm.  So Mark gathered support from his customers and petitioned city hall to amend the ordinance.

It looks like Mark got his wish.  The planning, licenses and development committee voted 5-0 to recommend the City Council allow hot dog vendors to sell their tubular treats downtown at selected spots between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m.

After hearing the decision, Mark was overjoyed.  He says the bar scene is very profitable.  “In three nights, it will be twice what I do in six days on Main Street.”

The City Council’s decision came just in time, as his wife was eight months pregnant with their fourth child at the time!

Congratulations Mark!

The moral of the story.  When someone tells you “no”, it doesn’t always mean that you can’t.  With the right support and polite persistence, it’s possible to set up a hot dog cart in places you never thought possible.  Go for it!!!


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