Night Time Might Be the Right Time

Hot dog vending in the wee hours outside bars and night clubs is an often overlooked way to make big money.  If you love the nightlife, you might want to consider it.

Mark Balch owns a hot dog cart business in Keene, New Hampshire.  During the day he sells hot dogs on Main Street, but his ultimate plan is to set up in the bar district at night.  However, Keene city ordinances didn’t allow street vendors to stay open past 9 pm.  So Mark has been gathering support from his customers and petitioned city hall to amend the ordinance.

It looks like Mark will get his wish.  The planning, licenses and development committee voted 5-0 to recommend the City Council allow hot dog vendor Mark A. Balch to sell his treats between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. in a spot on 57 Ralston St.

After hearing the decision, Mark was overjoyed.  He says the bar scene is very profitable.  “In three nights, it will be twice what I do in six days on Main Street.”

The City Council’s decision came just in time, as his wife is eight months pregnant with their fourth child.

Congratulations Mark!


P.S.  I’ll bet you could move a lot of Red Bull outside the clubs…

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2 thoughts on “Night Time Might Be the Right Time

  1. I did this in Portland, OR a few years back and I made a more money on Halloween night then I did all week. Drinkers love to eat ! A couple of hot dogs were perfect for thier journey home after a night out!

  2. Just towed my new (used) cart back from Texas, 500 miles, back to Cajun country. Lafayette is the fourth biggest city in the state, and is home to the University of Louisiana. For $125 a year for the site permit, I get a great location downtown.

    My plan is to serve the downtown lunch crowd 11-2 weekdays, and the “college kids out on the street to party” crowd Friday and Saturdays 6 p.m. to midnight (required closing time).

    The only eateries downtown are sit down dining establishments. There is only one other licensed HDC vendor downtown, and she only comes out for special events.

    Today I submitted all my paperwork and documents to the parish authorities, and yesterday my cart was approved by state Health and Sanitation. By the grace of a benificent hot dog loving God, we will be out on the street the weekend after next.

    A month ago, I did a little recon, and visited nearly every merchant downtown, and asked them what they thought of my plan. Each and every one was supportive and enthusiastic about my HDC plan. Along with the dogs, I will be grilling sausage po boys, which are very popular down here. My 2 youngest sons and me are going to get our official hot dog dude badges Monday from the parish (with our photos on the badge).

    I now see why there is only one HDC vendor in this town, as the bureaucratic hoops to jump through have been intimidating. But I hope to discover soon that it has been worth the effort!!

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