My Sordid Past and How I Make Money When I’m Not Slinging Dogs

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In light of the prolonged economic downturn I have decided to re-open one of my most popular programs to a new group of students. It is my hope that this program will provide the help many of you need to supplement, replace, or even exceed your current income in these difficult times.

Although this course will show you how to market and promote your hot dog biz as never before, it’s actually WAY more than that. Together we will explore a whole new universe of income producing opportunities outside of mobile food. New opportunities that you can do from home.

Because so many folks need a new opportunity right now, I have also decided to waive the membership fee. For this new round of students the course will be free.

So if you missed out last time, couldn’t afford it, or were just plain skeptical – NOW is your time. Sign up in the form below with the blue button while it’s still free. I look forward to helping you grow a new income.


As an entrepreneur, I have been involved in many businesses besides food vending – and I’m sure a lot of you have as well.

All of the business experiences that I have accumulated over the past two decades seem to point to a single, universal truth: If you are an entrepreneur, one thing always leads to another.

You will find that the skills you develop in one business will apply to the next one. For example, you may know that I used to be a machinist in an auto parts factory. What you probably don’t know is that the manual skills that I learned in the factory came in handy when I started a boat building company.

However, I soon found out that I didn’t know how much I was making on each boat that I sold, so I learned bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping came in handy when I started a small dental laboratory, however, I soon realized that I knew nothing about marketing. I had to learn how to get dentists to try me out.

The marketing skills that I learned in the dental business contributed to the success of my hot dog vending business.

The knowledge I gained in the hot dog business allowed me to write a book and start a publishing business. However, I didn’t know how to get my book in front of people so they could get a copy.

So, in order to make my publishing business a success, I had to learn all about online business…

Fast forward to today. There are big things happening behind the scenes here at Arrow Publishing, and I’m currently burning the candle at both ends. For example we are evaluating some new techniques designed to make your hot dog cart business way more profitable. There are also some pretty cool dog slingin’ tips and tricks that I’ll be sharing with you.

In other words, I think hot dog vending is still the most fun you can have while “working”. The dog biz is currently in it’s golden era, the profit potential is great, and there has never been a better time to get started.

That is why I still sling dogs from my own cart when I have the time. I love this business. I’m a slinger for life.

However, let’s talk about the outdoor nature of our business. Some folks operate their carts all year ’round, but for many of us dog slinging is a seasonal business. Even though hot dogs sell best in winter time (it’s actually the most profitable season) I personally don’t like the cold.

My father was an iron ore miner and I was born in a mining town in the north woods of Minnesota, way up near the Canadian border. I fulfilled my lifetime quota of below zero weather by the age of five.

I can’t take the cold anymore. That’s why I shut my cart down around November and re-open in March.

However, now that I live in Missouri, summers can pose a challenge. Daily 100 degree weather sometimes stretches on for several weeks, so I don’t get out very much in August either.

Call me a weenie (my wife does), but you’ll only find me slingin’ on winter days when it’s above 50 degrees, or on summer days when the temp is below 95. That still leaves plenty of beautiful days, more than enough to make a good living doing the funnest (yes, I said funnest) job on earth, but what about the off days?

I thought maybe I’d show you some ways to make a buck from the climate controlled comfort of your own home. Let you in on some of the stuff that I do when it’s miserable outside and experiment with some exiting new business possibilities that I’m getting into.

This is stuff that you can do on the side at your own pace, and it’s pretty fun too.

I’m even thinking about hiring a few of you to work on a special project with me down the road. If you are curious about this, you need to sign up right now so I can keep you in the loop as this thing progresses. Your Hot Dog Cart News subscription won’t bring you these updates – this is a separate thing so you have to sign up using the form below and click the blue button.

I’ll even show you how much I have made…

This program is called “NewOps” and it stands for New Opportunities. Here are some comments from the original group of NewOps members.  You can join their ranks today for free.

Steve, you are a friggin’ genius! You have NO idea how freeing it is to be able to do this myself (with your kind guidance). I am not a computer geek in the least, and I am so thrilled that I got my first website set up. I have no idea how to thank you! I feel like I could fly! -Marjorie Leon, NewOps Member

Through Steve’s teaching I have built a new web page, as a matter of fact two so far, and Steve’s help was awesome. I already have made money from my page. If I had had to do this all over again, I wish there had BEEN a Steve to guide me. I would have been making money for the past ten years instead of “just having a website” that never gained any following or interest. Now I am learning that there is more than just “making” a page. Steve has walked us through so much that I was totally unaware of before his lessons started. Thank you Steve for all you have taught me and the rest of the NewOps Members. -Skip O’Brien, NewOps Member

This is some good stuff! -Ron Nance, NewOps Member

Hey Folks! Just wanted to chime in and say that I have been involved with Steve as a NewOps member and have already made tremendous strides! Wholeheartedly suggest you join up and have a look. Think you will like what Steve is up to! -Sam Oerly, NewOps Member

Drum roll please……CrenshawVentures is now launched! On to the next step….. -Renee Crenshaw, NewOps Member

Steve, I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first of the NewOps. I have been in sales and management most of my career. I am semi-retired, I am very business savy. You are leading us down a road I feel very comfortable and excited about. I enjoy your process and down to earth technique you are showing us. Keep up the good process. -Jim Whitworth, NewOps Member

I think everyone that takes you up on your offer will be very pleased and maybe make some more money — if they work the plan. ;) -Steve Shaffar, NewOps Member

The Right Teacher! I always thought I was a pretty good writer, but I was terrible at getting a website up and running. Steve Schaible was the answer to my problem. His NewOps course guides you and covers building your site in simple steps, one lesson at a time. He also covers website marketing in a way that is simple to understand. Steve is a straight forward, honest and ethical Missouri man that believes in delivering a quality product. In fact, I’ve never seen so much value. Steve is successful because he over delivers and helps make other people’s dreams come true. If you would like to build a website or market one that you already have, join Steve’s NewOps Group. Thanks Steve! -Travis Case, NewOps Member

Thanks for all your good work! You are a good teacher. -Mary Jane Veljkov, NewOps Member

OK, good progress so far. I appreciate your hard work and envy your computer know how. -Bob Harman, NewOps Member

Steve, In those videos you make it extremely easy to follow and for us to accomplish the tasks… WOW!!! Thumb up… Were you a teacher by any chance at any time in the past??? Thanks, -Francisco Handal, NewOps Member

Learning a lot. Really enjoying this. Taking notes. The videos help out better than a “Step 1 do this. Step 2 do that” approach. Great stuff! -Ed Forbes, NewOps Member

Don’t miss your chance to get in while it’s free. Sign up NOW in the form below, click the blue button, and I’ll shoot you an email with further instructions.

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And I thought MY background was sordid! :)



I was just researching what I could do in the winter while slinging in the summer. I would
like to be in the loop on this. Willing to help
if feasible.



Now is the best time to start. Welcome aboard Max!


Hey Steve! I’m interested in anything that can get me out of my part time janitor job.


Robin/Lakeside Lunch

Hey Steve,

I’m curious enough to take a look at what you have. As a relative “Newbie” I can use all the help I can get.


Brian Murphy

Certainly sounds interesting. I’ll bite.


Marjorie L

I’m ready to take this all the way! Yay.


Papa Dave

Steve, put me down as “all in”, as they say in Vegas.
You can count on me to do whatever you need.

Papa Dave


Esteban / Stevie's Red Hot Wienies

I’m intrigued, lets get started and make DA MONEY!



Hey, Bro, you KNOW I’m in, right?

Thanks Steve for all you have shown.




Skip is one of my charter students and is already making money from his new online business. In fact he is getting orders from foreign countries as well as US customers. Awesome job Skip!!!


Hey I’m in Florida it’s beautifly Sordid all year here LOL


Hot Diggity Dogs

I am in too ;-)


Sam Oerly

Hey Folks! Just wanted to chime in and say that I have been involved with Steve in the NewOps Group and have already made tremendous strides! Wholeheartedly suggest you join up and have a look. Think you will like what Steve is up to!


Steve Shaffar

Sounds like a new class is starting. I think everyone that takes you up on your offer will be very pleased and maybe make some more money — if they work the plan. ;)

-Steve Shaffar


Checkers Street Grill

Sounds interesting! I’m all ears!



I live to see whats on the horizon. Happy to be involved at any level. Thxs for the fyi



Yes I would like to keep informed. I am always looking to make a better income


Johnny's Mighty Dogs

Steve you have piqued my interest with this secretive new fun side business. The winters are cold and sometimes long here in New Jersey so I usually have some spare time with little to do. I would be interested to know what it is you are doing! Please keep me in the loop.


Tip Top Dogs


Thank you for all you do to help us with this business. Count me in to do whatever you need.




Interested indeed!!! Thanks


Donny Hill

Let Me Know !!!! Interested
Msgt.Donny Hill


Poppa's Concessions

Count me in. I’m always looking for something to add to everything else. Who needs sleep anyway?


Keith E. Williams

All of the comments submitted were really inspiring. I love reading them.



I’ve had so damn many careers, what’s one more?


Josh Pratt

Do you already have to have a cart to do this? Due to injuries sustained in my youth, I’m limited in what I can do to earn a decent living, which I’m not doing right now. Depending on what kind of physical requirement there is, I may be very interested in being involved, as I am having some difficulty scraping up seed money for my cart. If this is something a 1/2 crippled guy can do, then please contact me with the details.



Hey Josh,
You do not have to be involved in the hot dog business at all. If you can type on a computer, you can do this.

In fact, I had a potentially fatal illness last spring and was partially paralyzed. I was still able to make a full time income flat on my back.

If you sign up for more info you will get an email from me explaining what happened and how I was able to pay my bills.

I’ll see you on the other side Josh.



im in eh…

ontario, canada



Always looking to expand. Send me something.


Betty Jane

I’m ready to try a new idea.


Jerry's Doghouse

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!


Dave in Calgary

Hi Steve, if this works in Canada, count me in…Dave:)



This works anywhere in the world. Want to live in Bali? There’s a bunch of folks doing this stuff over there. You can make American money and enjoy the cost of living of an overseas country. The leverage is huge. You can do this anywhere there’s an internet connection. See you inside Dave!

Anna Mae

Hi Steve, you were so helpful getting me off the ground. First event, May 13, 2011, I was rear-ended before I ever got out of town. Now fighting a lawsuit for lost income not to mention the excruitiating pain I have to endure for the rest of my life. Just started back on the cart, questionable if I can manage it, so you bet, count me in…I have been an entrepenuer most of my life. I love the excitement, now, entering yet another phase of life at 60, promoting my computer and biz skills.


Bob L

Steve; all I can say is that it is nice to deal with a real person such as yourself as opposed to these get rich quick scams that are rampant especially on line. Thanks so much and I will continue to look forward to your info.



Hey Bob,

I actually do believe that it’s possible to get rich quick (quick to me means 3-5 years). I don’t believe that you can get rich EASY. Getting rich ALWAYS requires work. Sometimes it comes fast, but there’s nothing wrong with getting rich over time either ;-)


I highly recommend this!



Thanks Ron! (Ron has been in the course since the beginning.)


Yo, Steve, your bio looks a little like mine. However, I have a few years on you (69) so mine is a little bit bigger and longer. I too am a life long entrepreneur. I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way, a life long endeavor. Yep, count me in for getting your updates for new potential businesses. Just keep on keep on………Thanks!



My ears are open, you can send some info.



Sign up in the form with the blue button and we’ll get you started. Thanks!


Thanks for this opportunity Steve. I feel like I’m just about ready to take my first step. I have to save up my money to buy your HotDogBiz101 program. I’m very excited to start that new chapter of my life!



I think you’ll really like this Michael. Glad to have you aboard!


Hi Steve….I need a new way of jump starting a rather dismal few years and you are the inspiration to help me do it! Thanks!



Dismal sucks. Let’s get you out of there. Welcome aboard Kathryn!

Bullseye Hot Dogs

Sounds like a lot of interest. I would like to see what you’ve got cooking in the cart!



Sign up in the form with the blue button and I’ll show you everything!


Totally stuck with dial-up can you do this, with that?



Hi Judy,
Sure, it’s just going to take a little longer. If you can send pictures in an email with your current dial up service you should be able to do this. If it takes too long you can go to a wi-fi equipped coffee shop. That’s actually where I do a LOT of my work.


Steve, you are AWESOME! This could NOT have come at a better time! Sincere gratitude! ( “I fulfilled my lifetime quota of below zero weather by the age of five”- lolol! )



You’re welcome Robert! ;-)

carlos Moniz

thanks steve



No problem Carlos!


I’m a very skeptical kinda guy but also very curious. Ok, let’s see what you have to offer



That’s healthy. I am too. Let me know what you think after you poke around inside.


Already a member and have been since Steve started the NewOps site. I would have to highly recommend taking part! It is life changing and a great supplement of income. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and he’s helped me improve on what I already had.

Steve will steer you the right way. Like anyhting else, you have to take the time to learn. The other half is actually taking what you learn and using it! Just like when you built your hot dog cart with his plans. :) Like I did too!



Hey Julia! Julia is one of my star students. She got great results because she puts in the work consistently. It’s not hard but results don’t happen by magic. You need to take action and that is what Julia does.


Hey Steve, I just wanted to update what you posted at the top of the page involving me. Folks, mine is the second comment at the top of this page. When we last talked a month or so ago I had started shipping to Canada, and those orders are still coming in, but I wanted to let you know that I had to make a change to my web page. I had to change the shipping amount I charged to Europe and Japan. I was NOT aware that there was so much difference in Postal prices, and it was costing me almost twice what I charged for international shipping. I had to make a note to European and Japanese customers that I was changing the shipping price.

But GUESS WHAT. It made no difference. Those orders are still coming in.

With Steve’s help, and a LOT of mentoring, I started out those first couple of weeks with no orders on line, then the first one came in, then a couple or three a week, then five a week, now I am at the Post Office daily, five and six days a week, mailing product all over the world. Last week I shipped 35 packages at an average of $25 per package (plus shipping) and the customers are paying the shipping costs. What a wonderful supplement to my daily face-to-face sales, and getting better all the timer.

Oh, and I almost forgot to say this, it is ALL WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISING. My customers are the ones doing the advertising for me. I have not spent a penny on my advertising, and I work less that an hour a day on this.

Am I getting rich on this? NO ! Am I happy with what I am doing? You bet your bottom I am.

Thanks Steve.

Skip O’Brien



Hey Skip,

I’m so proud of you and what you did with your NewOps training that I could pop a button!

This is what it’s all about folks. If you’ve never experienced the thrill of passive income, waking up in the morning with more money in the bank than when you went to bed, you don’t know what you’re missing.

This stuff also works for promoting your local business too. If you have a hot dog biz or are even just thinking about starting one, you need to sign up for the free NewOps training. There is a secret bonus inside that can double your business overnight…

Thanks for sharing your NewOps experiences with us Skip!

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