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Hi Steve,

Check out these menus I had made from one of your 50 cool hot dog cart menu templates. I have a friend who works in the mail room of my former employer (yeah…the one who laid me off) for a contract printing company and he cranked these out for me on a plotter and laminated them as well.

You’ll notice that I left off the prices because I can write on the laminated surface with erasable markers. That works out great when I’m going from event to event and adjusting the prices.

hot dog cart menu

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I used the ‘surfer’ template because that goes along with my business theme.

I had him make 2 signs because I don’t currently take credit cards but may start pretty soon so I have a sign that suits cash or credit both.

The price to make these signs…An original Italian Combo from Jersey Mike’s.

Don’t know if you’ve ever had a Jersey Mike’s sub but if you have one in town you GOTTA try one. They have locations all over the country and originated on the Jersey Shore in 1956.

I’m off to Home Depot to pick up some 1/4″ mounting board to attach the sign to so that I can lean it against my cart like the one I have now.

I will have to retire my 3 1/2 year old sign which has weathered rain, snow and wind and is getting a little tired…lol


Bob Mickells, Hot Dog Profits Premium Member
Suncruiser Dogs ‘n’ More,LLC


I love your menus Bob, they came out great. I also love your idea to laminate them so you can easily change your prices. Brilliant!

I also see that you are using the free website that my marketing team built for you. Between the website and the menus you are really developing a brand.  That’s one of the keys to being “memorable” which is directly related to the amount of repeat business you get.

Great job Bob!


P.S. If anyone wants a free website for their hot dog biz just contact me and let me know. We’re still giving them away.


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