Mark’s Home Made Hot Dog Cart

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This just in from Mark Schueszler…



The cart turned out great (Thanks to some great plans and instructions) here’s the pics. Passed the health dept. inspection got my license. The inspector asked were I purchased it. She was surprised when I told her I built it.

I also have a question now that its done and I’m ready to go I started thinking of the water supply on the cart. Its getting cold quick here in the northern Ohio. How do you and others deal with that issue?

Thanks, Mark


Great job Mark! Very clean, professional work. And thank you for the kind words regarding my E-Z Built plans and videos.

I really like the hand washing sign. I bet that won you some brownie points with the inspector, didn’t it?

But even more important, that sign will do a lot to inspire confidence in your customers. One of the biggest reasons that we lose sales on the street is the stigma of the “dirty” hot dog cart. Anything we can do to enhance the perception of cleanliness will translate directly into dollars at the end of the day.

As far as working in the cold, we discussed that recently here. Check it out for some great reader submitted tips.

Let’s let Mark bask in the glory of a job well done. Please congratulate him in the comments and share this on your Facebook (blue button on the left).

Great cart and great tip Mark – you’re awesome!


Click the picture for a larger version.

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John Gould

This is a great looking cart. I am still thinking of doing this even at 75. Anderson,IN . I have not seen any carts food or hot dog bus. anywhere. I just moved here 2 mos ago. Thanks for keeping me up to date. I read all. John


Tim/Get Grilled Foods

Nice job Mark!






The cart looks great! I’ve been unemployed for over six months now and am considering building one. Good luck with the business!



Good Job Mark! I pray that everything goes well for you.



Looks Great. How much did it end up costing you to build it? My husband and I are thinking about getting into the business and debating on buying a new/used or building our cart. Any advice?



Great job! Cart looks awesome. Best wishes.


Steve "Fat Franks"Roswell,NM

Awesome cart! Good luck, and Happy Selling!


dogs on the run

The hand washing sign is always good. The local health dept. also has a small 8X11 sign of how to wash your hands step by step I put that on the side of my cart and the health dept loves it(although I am the only one who works there) Great cart good luck.
I was thinking also Steve about a listing of hot dog cart vendors throughout the states so that as fellow vendors travel they may visit other carts, buy dogs and exchange ideas. I know the that it would only work the best with vendors who have a set area they sell at all the time. Something to think about.



where did you get the colorful unbrella? looks great



Wow! Looking great! Quality workmanship shows and it will pay off for you.
(My plans were dropped into the mail this AM)



Nice job Mark! (I’m here in Cleveland, you anywhere near me?) ~Bob



Great job!! Love to see folks living the dream.



Hey Mark I was just admiring your work and noticed something…… When the cart is on the road I’m sure its going to be bouncing around a lot especially on a road with pot holes. Your propane tank seems to be resting on a metal frame,could this damage your tank ?


Duggs Doggs

Real nice cart, great luck mark.



Your care looks great…have not got one yet. I, like the others are debating building or buying but pretty sure I am going to build myself (with help..LOL) Does anyone out there use a European toaster on their cart for the buns? I love the concept…..



I hear it so many times that people want to get into this business. Well there are thinkers who usually think about it and that is it and then there is doers who say they are going to get into the business then they actually do. Many of times have I heard that I had someone dream job. My suggestion to everyone that wants to get into this profession. Think about it, then go out and talk to your local vendor and ask them about the good as well as the bad. You will find out you just dont go sling dogs and that is it. Just because we are out “working” for a few hours a day, there is other things that need to be done that makes this a full time job! After you find the facts, and you still want to get into the business, get off the fence and do it. People who keep coming up with excuses as to why they have not start, will do just that, think about it and keep thinking and never get it done. Using the excuse of deciding whether to buy or build a cart is just another excuse. Do as Mark did build the cart and start making money, or buy one and start. Either way your not going to make any money thinking about it.

Mark you done a great job!


Lee Brewer

Nice cart Mark. I am close to finishing mine up too. I am in Ohio as well I am worried about the water lines also. I think this winter is going to be a bad one. I just want to get out there and get started though.


mikes hot dog heaven

when you build yer cart put some 1″ foam insulation in the water jug area,and fill up with warm water,this works pretty good in N.H. but, I also have made a water holding tank from a cooler,yes a cooler.get one with a drain,put the water line there,seal the top with silicone,and a piece of L shape metal,screw the lid shut,cut a hole in the top for a PVC coupling for a camper for a fill,easy as that.


Tip Top Dogs

Nice cart Mike!!! I bought mine from Craigslist,before I found Steve’s blog. I was wandering though, being winter and all, how will you keep your condiments from freezing? Good ideas for water, but won’t your condiments be stiff when you try to put them on the dog? I live in AZ now but I will be moving back to Cleveland OH next June. Also, I am concerned about how difficult it is to find a location there? Here in Phoenix is a real pain. Thank you,



Angie and Jon -Po' Folks

Great Looking cart! And best of luck in your new business. We just finished our second one , and cant wait to get it out as well!



Awesome Job that looks Great !!!


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