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This just in from Mark Schueszler…



The cart turned out great (Thanks to some great plans and instructions) here’s the pics. Passed the health dept. inspection got my license. The inspector asked were I purchased it. She was surprised when I told her I built it.

I also have a question now that its done and I’m ready to go I started thinking of the water supply on the cart. Its getting cold quick here in the northern Ohio. How do you and others deal with that issue?

Thanks, Mark


Great job Mark! Very clean, professional work. And thank you for the kind words regarding my E-Z Built plans and videos.

I really like the hand washing sign. I bet that won you some brownie points with the inspector, didn’t it?

But even more important, that sign will do a lot to inspire confidence in your customers. One of the biggest reasons that we lose sales on the street is the stigma of the “dirty” hot dog cart. Anything we can do to enhance the perception of cleanliness will translate directly into dollars at the end of the day.

As far as working in the cold, we discussed that recently here. Check it out for some great reader submitted tips.

Let’s let Mark bask in the glory of a job well done. Please congratulate him in the comments and share this on your Facebook (blue button on the left).

Great cart and great tip Mark – you’re awesome!


Click the picture for a larger version.

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