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hot_dog_cart_radio_logoUpdate 4/14/11: A few days after this article went live I was contacted by Nick Loeb the owner of Loeb’s Onion Crunch! He was amazed at the response this article generated. Apparently a few of you even posted pictures of your Onion Crunch topped hot dogs on Facebook. That’s awesome!

Anyway, I asked Nick if he would like to do an episode of Hot Dog Cart Radio with me and he graciously agreed. It was a fun interview and we even ended up turning it into a contest at the end.

Nick is giving away a ____ ____ _ ____ ____!!!

Thanks Nick!!! (You need to listen to the interview to find out what the prizes are and how to win them.)

Hot Dog Cart Radio – Interview With Nick Loeb of Onion Crunch
Click the link below to listen online or right click to download the MP3.
Hot Dog Cart Radio – Nick Loeb of Onion Crunch

I’ll notify the three winners by email and post their names in the comments.

I’m excited!!!


Here is the original article that started this whole thing:

This looks really tasty!

onionbottleAs hot doggers, we are always trying to come up with ways to differentiate our products from the competition. Check this out…

I just found out about a new topping that would really make your hot dogs stand out from the crowd.

It’s called Onion Crunch from Loeb’s Foods in New York.

From the Onion Crunch web site:

onion crunch

LOEB’S ONION CRUNCH is bound to put a smile on your face when you want a light, crispy, low-carb, low cholesterol topping. Add some Crunch to your Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Salads, and Pizza. Best of all Onion Crunch contains 0 grams of trans fat so sprinkle on as much as you want. You might want to get 2 bottles. Yes, they’re that good! It’s the Crunch you will Crave.

Onion Crunch — crispy and fried made from fresh onions which have specially been developed from onion varieties. They are peeled, washed, cut and battered in order to create a perfect crispy onion. Then they are fried in high-quality vegetable oil to give them an absolute delicious taste.

They are sprinkled or used in small quantities to bring crispiness and a roasted onion flavor to salads, sandwiches, dips, soups, spreads, baked potatoes, pizza, hotdogs and burgers.

Compared to fresh onions the crispy fried onions are more sustainable remaining fresher with a shelf life of over 8 months.


I haven’t tried them yet but they look awesome. Just the thing to give your dogs some crunch. You can order Onion Crunch through their web site here.

I am not affiliated in any way with this company. I just saw it and wanted to let you know about it.

What do you think?



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