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Ice, like propane, is part of the overhead expense on a hot dog cart. Reducing overhead increases profit. Today let’s explore how to keep more of the money you make by saving on ice costs.

Hi Steve,

I have a question regarding keeping my drinks cold. (soda, juice water etc.) We have been using coolers and ice and are using 20# of ice per day. We do have an electric hook-up on site. Tried an electric cooler, but when you’re opening it a lot, its not keeping the drinks ice cold. Any suggestions would be most helpful.

Thank you, Diane (Dudley’s Dogs)


Hi Diane,

Keep your soda in a refrigerator until it’s time to put it in the cooler. Having soda already cold will save a lot of ice every day. Also, if you have a big enough fridge or freezer, keep you cooler in it overnight. Getting everything as cold as possible before adding your ice will help enormously.

OK Slingers, give Diane your best ice saving tip in the comments below!


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