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How to Sell Ice Cream at Your Hot Dog Cart

I’m your ice cream man, stop me when I’m passin’ by…

How To Sell Ice Cream at Your Hot Dog Cart

If you have been kicking around the idea of selling ice cream at your location but don’t have room on your hot dog cart, this might be the answer…


Hi Steve,

I am a former ice cream man looking to sell 6 pushcarts bought from Unique Vending Carts, 4 years ago.  They are all in excellent condition and I would reduce the price accordingly should you be interested in two or more
of them.

Unique Vending Carts 304PC Ice Cream Push Cart with Cold Plates

Capacity: 300-400 novelty ice cream bars
Insulated box w/ polyurethane
Top lid with rubber seal
Handle bar with ring
Aluminum wheels w/ tube
Iron frame with umbrella holder (umbrella included)
10 cold plates

Internal dimensions:

Top: 23″ x 22″ or 60cm x 57cm
Bottom: 27″ x 24″or 70cm x 62cm
Height: 19″ or 49 cm

External dimensions
Width 30″
Length 30″
Height 32″ w.o. handlebar – 37 w/ handlebar

Net Weight: 35kg or 77lbs

Gross Weight: 37kg or 81 lbs

*Available in Blue/White

Thanks for posting this Steve!



Throw one of these ice cream coolers in the back of the tow vehicle and you’ll be slingin’ ice cream right alongside your hot dog cart!

Or just use it by itself to sell ice cream at car shows, craft shows, festivals, etc.

I’m not selling these, I’m just passing this along. If you want one contact Demetri at djmpatitsas@gmail.com. He is located in Huntington, Pennsylvania.

What’s your favorite premium ice cream treat? Let me know in the comments! Speaking of Premium treats…


Click the picture below for a larger version.


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