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I have a question. I see a lot of hot dog carts with small grills on them. How do you convert the gas grill from 1 pound tank to the 20lb? I have looked everywhere for parts to convert it but I cant figure it out.
Thank you,
Deanies Weenies, LLC
Lake Saint Louis Missouri
This is a very common question with a super simple solution…

41G9RP99S5L._SL160_Just get a Century 8-Foot Hose with Type 1 Coupling. It lets you use your 20 pound propane tank with any table top style grill. Just take it out of the package and hook it up.

You’ll be grillin’ and chillin’ in minutes!

Looking for a special connector? Here is a link to a ton of different propane adapters. You should be able to find the one you need.

I hope this helps!



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