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Giant opportunity for some local vendors!

I just got a call from a large chain of stores called American Furniture and Electronics. They are liquidating some of their locations and they need a hot dog vendor at each store in the St. Louis area from now through the first week of August.

They are not asking for any rent or set up fee so this one is all gravy.

They do request that you give their store employees a discount on food and drinks.

You can make your own hours but they would like the lunch and dinner hours covered. The idea is to keep hungry customers from going off site for food during this liquidation sale.

Foot traffic is between 300 and 500 people per store daily.

Stores are available in Fenton, Cottleville, and Bridgeton, in Missouri, and O’Fallon in Illinois just across the river.


Sidebar: Lets do some math…

If you had 4 carts and the people to run them you could do the whole gig.

Being conservative, lets say you sell 75 meals per day per location (4 locations) at $5 each. That’s $1500 a day. Times 7 days equals $10,500 a week. If you start now, you’ll have 6 weeks to sell.

This could be a $63,000 gig.

You would have to back out your cost of goods sold, labor, etc to determine your final profit but I think you can see how lucrative this business can be, especially when you have multiple carts on the street.


If you want one or all of these gigs contact Cindy at American Furniture and Electronics at 314 702 1405


P.S. I’m trying to arrange my schedule to grab one of these spots but I’m not sure if I can swing it. If you get one of these let me know and I’ll come out and buy a dog from you!


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