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Sometimes the rules are unnecessarily tough. But not this time.

Hot Dog Mike

Hot Dog Cart Hand Washing Sink

A customer of mine who goes by the name of “Hot Dog Mike” sent me a copy of his health department’s hand washing sink requirements for hot dog carts. You’re going to love this.

(I posted a picture of the actual handout at the bottom of this article.)

When Mike first read it, he laughed out loud. It was so simple.

I think it’s great because it accomplishes the goal of sanitary food handling without the typical government mandated overkill. This set up will get the job done just as well as a system that costs hundreds.

I have a similar story to Hot Dog Mike’s.

I am fortunate to live in a county that doesn’t believe in hindering people who are trying to make their own way. My inspector told me all I needed was a water jug with a spigot that can stay open with no hands, some soap, a bucket to catch the water in, and paper towels. That’s exactly what I used when I got my start all those years ago.

Of course I added a sink to my first home made cart as soon as I could.

Mike went ahead and installed a sink on his E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart too. The way we teach you to make it is simple, quick, and pretty inexpensive as well.

Check out the pics of Hot Dog Mike’s E-Z Built – he did a great job! Be sure to tell him so in the comments!

– Steve

P.S. Did you know you can build your own hot dog cart using commonly available hardware store parts just like Hot Dog Mike did? And if you get stuck just call me. I’m available to all my customers by phone or email. Just ask Hot Dog Mike.


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