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Mike Quarles used his Hot Dog Profits Premium training to fast track his success in the hot dog biz! This is an inspirational read…

hot dog cart to restaurantSteve,

Why didn’t you tell me about this business 20 years ago?

As you know, I’ve been leasing a couple of spaces in a downtown parking lot for the past two years, only moments from the downtown historical area.  

I loved street vending!

Then, I was approached about moving into that area’s historic “City Market Building”.

Greater foot traffic, heart of all downtown activities on weekends, and actually closer for the majority of my “super” regular customers that come by at least once a week.

hot dog cart to restaurant

Soooo…. I never would have thought when I was planning my hotdog adventures, that a simple little cart would lead to where I am today. A little business idea can morph into anything you allow it to be, or what you want it to become.

hot dog cart to restaurantI just wanted to be happy, doing my own little thing 4 or 5 days a week, with a little hotdog cart, and BOOM – it morphed to a brick and mortar setting inside one of the most historic and recognized structures in the area.

Inside might not be for everyone, wasn’t what I was planning, but everyone should realize that little hotdog cart can do whatever you allow it to achieve (yes, I’m talking about the cart, not our kids here – haha – although my cart is like a kid, the difference is the cart will make you $$$, our kids take $$$ )

Thanks again Steve,

Mike Quarles
“der Frankfurter Cart”
“der Frankfurter Bistro”


The sky is the limit when you own your own business. It can truly become whatever you want it to.

Great job Mike. We all wish you continued success!


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