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Thank You Vets!

Sorry this is a day late. Been working on something really big. Some of you know what I’m talking about. Shhh…

Steve,  I live in Wisconsin and our winters here can be brutal both with cold and snow. I would like to continue selling dogs through winter and just wondering if any other Doggers precook their dogs on their cart, wrap in tin foil and keep in a warmer or their cart cooler. Maybe sell them that way rather than trying to keep moving dogs from boiling water to steam pan and maintaining a constant temperature when cold outside.

I see they do that a lot at ballgames and I am not sure if it diminishes from the quality or how long the dogs can last wrapped up like that.  I also plan on marketing myself in the winter more to businesses using the same method, maybe even delivering the product with a minimum dollar purchase.

Nobody likes to leave their warm office or workplace for lunch when it is -20 degrees.  I would include packets of ketchup, mustard, relish, etc. on the side and would have to work out some other packaging method for onions, tomatoes, etc.

If any of  the other Doggers have tried this or some other method please post on your website.  I don’t want to get into modifying my cart if possible and I don’t want to build one just for winter.

Thanks.  JohnnyDogg


Hey Johnny,

I really like your idea. I’ve never done it that way, but it sounds like a great way to penetrate a new market while giving yourself some great exposure and building a bigger customer base for next spring.

Let’s see what our friends have to say in the comments…


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