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Jerry Collins just finished his E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart in stainless steel. It’s a thing of beauty!

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the help and a great design.

Health Dept. inspection was smooth. Inspector was impressed that I had the critical points covered and I sailed right through.

Fortunately for me, my son-in-law is a sheet metal worker, so I was able go with stainless. I made sure I told the pump and water heater suppliers that I got their name from HotDogProfits.com.

Well, with the E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart plans and Carts of Cash book, you’ve done your part, it’s now time for me to go out and do mine. I would recommend you to any newbie starting out.

I’ve included some pics.

Tasty Dogs

The E-Z Built is designed to be made with wood so that just about anybody can build a hot dog cart. No special skills are required.

But as you see here, the plans can be adapted to metal construction if you have those skills.

If you have stainless construction questions you’re better off asking Jerry. I don’t know very much about sheet metal.

Once again, great job Jerry!


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