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Robs home made hot dog cart

I just got these photos of Rob’s home made hot dog cart. Very unique!

Rob writes…


Steve.. I followed your video series and it was invaluable. I do not know how I would have completed this without you. I altered the plan and redesigned it and I finished the cart yesterday.  I look forward to your review.

Next is passing the food service test … easy peezy… getting licensed. I will reach out soon for the free website through your program. I did secure the email My cart does meet the requirements for my county that I received from their vendor dept people.

Rob Noble
Shady Dawg of MI.


Wow, Rob – great job!

This is the first slanted roof E-Z Built that I have seen. I like it!

Looks like your health department requires a four sink set up. Perfect.

I also really like the recesses in the cart body around the fenders.

Well done sir, well done!


P.S. Let’s hear it for Rob in the comments!

Click the photo for a larger version…

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