UK Slinger Wants Your Critique…

Hi Steve,  This is a picture of my current set up for UK slingin. What do you think? Attached is before and after shot. I have so far invested £1600 into this cart. Just need decent signwriting and then will be getting licenses etc and be selling for next spring! I'd like it if you [...]

Nice All American Hot Dog Cart For Sale

UPDATE: PRICE REDUCED TO $1999! What we have here is a very nice, lightly used All American Hot Dog Cart for sale by owner in Manchester, New Hampshire. This cart sells new for $3000. Call Terezk at (603) 820-6592 or email him at Click the photos for a larger version... This unit has three [...]

Whatcha Servin’ Slinger?

I just got an email from Hammer. Good basic question... Who serves what kind of hot dog? All beef Polish Brats Or just plain ol' hot dogs? And why? OK Slingers, let us know what you're selling on your cart and why you chose those items. -Steve

How Long Can Hot Dogs Sit in Water?

One of the fastest ways to go out of business is to serve a tasteless, mushy excuse for a hot dog at your cart. In today's lesson, let's find out how to avoid that. Cody writes... Hey Steve my biggest question that I can’t find any where is. How long can the hot dogs sit [...]

4 Sale: 2014 DreamMaker Ventura With All The Bells and Whistles

I know we have a lot of fans of DreamMaker Hot Dog Carts here, so I knew I'd better show you this one as soon as it landed in my email inbox. Tony and Barb Canale bought this cart brand new from Joel (the owner of DreamMaker and a really nice guy!) and they told [...]

Complete Business with Top Dog Cart and Enclosed Trailer!

Like new Top Dog Cart with enclosed 7 x 12 utility trailer and everything you need to be in business. The owner currently sells hotdogs, smoked sausages with sour kraut, nachos, and grilled cheese. As you can see, your menu options are greatly enhanced because of the griddle. And you have all the topping for everything. [...]

Hot dog cart setup critique. What’s wrong here?

I just got a request to critique a hot dog cart setup at a brewery in Arizona. Mary isn't selling as much as she would like, and she asked for my help. Here's what I came up with. Your thoughts are welcome too! Hi Steve, I bought a 5x8 trailer and took my cart 240 [...]

Operating Hot Dog Vending Business For Sale – SOLD

SOLD - Operating Hot Dog Vending Business For Sale Hey Steve: I have an operating Hot Dog Vending Business For Sale. Jimmy up here in Waterford WI. Thanks for talking with me today. As I said I'm putting my hotdog business up for sale due to moving out of state. Hate for this amazing business [...]

How to Get Started Part Time, Take it Full Time, Quit Your Job, and Live the Dream!

If you've been following this newsletter for any amount of time you've seen example after example of regular  folks just like you making a great full time income with hot dog carts.  But how exactly did these folks get their start? One of the hardest things to get your head around is the start up [...]