Look who just did $100,000 in Hot Dog Sales.

Look who just did $100,000 in Hot Dog Sales. . Are you are still on the fence about starting your own hot dog biz? Here's some quick inspiration for your morning from one of my Hot Dog Profits Premium members... ********************************** Hi Steve, Robert from Virginia, wanted to let you know that I have surpassed [...]

How Much Food to Bring To Big Events

Nature writes, Hi Steve... This winter I have been selling dogs on the side of the road and have been doing pretty good.... BUT... two weeks from now I have my first BIG BIG event 10-15,000 people ..really. Promoters are saying 20k people but we all know they lie..lol   Anyway is there any "formula" that [...]

Video – Accepting Credit Cards At Your Hot Dog Cart

Today I'm going to show you how I accept credit cards at my hot dog cart (watch the video below). I use a nifty little gadget called Square. Square is awesome because there are no application fees, no set up fees, and it is unbelievably simple to use. COOL TIP: Once you have a card reader [...]

Cream Cheese on Hot Dogs? The Complete Guide

Cream Cheese on Hot Dogs?  Ohhhh yeah! I received a great question yesterday from Hot Dog Profits Premium Member John K. ******************************* I was wondering if anyone has any recipes to make my cart stand out. I do have about 15 condiments on my cart to cover everyone's taste; but I was wondering if anyone else has [...]

Why Cheap Customers Suck So Bad.

Hi Steve hope all is well.  My friend told me his coworker was having retirement party.  He gave her my information and she called me. She told me it's going to be at a brewery 5-8 and she wanted chili and cheese dogs only for 60 people. She also said she got a quote from a [...]

Ice Saving Ideas for Hot Dog Carts

Ice, like propane, is part of the overhead expense on a hot dog cart. Reducing overhead increases profit. Today let's explore how to keep more of the money you make by saving on ice costs. Hi Steve, I have a question regarding keeping my drinks cold. (soda, juice water etc.) We have been using coolers and ice [...]

Home built stand-in concession trailer from the E-Z Built plans

  Hi Steve --- I purchased your E-Z Built series a couple of months ago with the intent of building a cart. They were very helpful in guiding me in designing and building my own self-contained concession trailer. I already owned an 6 x 12 open utility trailer, that I enclosed and wrapped with metal roofing [...]

Hot Dog Cart Business Tips – How to Compete With a Price Cutter

Hi Steve, I am having a dilemma and need your advice. My husband and I have a hot dog cart for last 3 years. We tried few different locations & decided on one. We’ve been here for the last 2 and half years. We live in a small town (under 3,000 pop). This spring a [...]

No More Harbor Freight Trailers? No Problem.

The trailer kits are gone!  Harbor Freight has recently removed the trailer kits from their shelves.  How does this impact E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart builders?  It doesn't. All is well in home built hot dog cart land.  Here's what's going on and how to build your E-Z Built without the HF trailer. I have [...]