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Hot Dog Cart News reader Rick Petersen purchased my E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart Video and Plans package, but he had something else in mind. You can see his pictures below.

A shaved ice cart! Shaved ice and sno cones are great sellers at fairs, festivals, car shows, craft shows. Anywhere that a crowd is gathered. You can do smaller events like block parties, birthday parties, and still make some great money. The profit margins are huge and you can be in and out super fast.

Serve any foods that you want. The E-Z Built plans were designed from the beginning to be customizable. You can set it up with any equipment you want, to serve any food that you want. From tacos to funnel cakes, the E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart Video and Plans Package shows you how to build the food cart of your dreams.

If you already have a hot dog cart, don’t overlook adding shave ice or snow cones, especially when the really hot weather starts slowing down your dog sales.

Great job on your shaved ice cart Rick! Anyone else doing something different with their E-Z Built? Send me pics and a short description. I’d love to see it, and maybe I’ll even put you in Hot Dog Cart News! You can send them to



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