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Want me to build an E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart for you?

Everyone loves the E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart because it is so easy to build (hence the name), and you end up with a cart that is equal to or better than carts that cost a lot more. But what if you don't love building things?  Want me to build you one just like mine? [...]

No place to build a hot dog cart? Here’s what to do…

Just got this comment from long time reader Jim M. who says the only thing stopping him is that he has no garage to build his hot dog cart in.  Problem solved Jim.  Read on... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dear Mr. Steve, I live in a small place and I want to build an E-Z Built hotdog cart.  I [...]

This Makes It All Worth It.

Want a sneak peak behind the scenes of this website? Here you go... Contrary to what some people think, running HotDogProfits.com is not all fun and games. It's a lot of work. Try writing 752 newsletter articles about hot dogs, lol. Yes, that is how many I have written so far. I don't farm this [...]

Nice used CMS Model 325 Hot Dog Cart. Save $2800!

The great thing about fall is that you can get some great deals on used hot dog carts. Here is another one that just came up for sale. If you know anything about hot dog carts, you know that Creative Mobile Systems makes one of the iconic carts in the industry - the super reliable [...]

Never Used Willy Dog Hot Dog Cart

UPDATE: PRICE JUST LOWERED $2000! This is the hot dog cart you've always wanted. The Famous Willy Dog shaped like a giant hot dog. Everyone in town will know you're there and they'll know what you're selling. Talk about standing out! In the entire history of hot dog carts, nothing comes close to the brand [...]

How Much Should You Bid For Hot Dog Vending Spots?

Hi Steve, My city has spots that you can put food carts and trucks on the street. Those spots are up for bid . How much should I bid? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ That's a tricky one. I'm assuming you don't know what the typical bids are, so you are going to have to work from a different angle - [...]

Check Out Don’s Bright ORANGE Hot Dog Cart.

Hey slingers (or wanna-be's), What is the first step to making a sale? Getting attention! If they don't know you are there, you won't sell dog #1. What's a great way to get attention? Be highly visible. Grab them by the eyeballs. Stand out like a diamond in a coal mine. What's an easy way to [...]

Hot Dog Carts and Charitable Events – How Much to Donate?

Steve, What is the right percentage to give to a school or community organization? I have done some different things but have a huge opportunity and I want to be fair and make money. I have been doing 20% off the top for a couple of organizations but this one could be 500 plus on [...]

How to Sell Coffee on a Hot Dog Cart

The weather is getting cooler in some parts of the country. How about adding another very profitable product to your hot dog cart? COFFEE! Hot drinks sell like hot cakes when the temps drop. Be ready to profit by reading (or re-reading) our guide to selling coffee and hot drinks on a cart. Be sure to [...]