Thanks so much to all of you who answered my impromptu survey last week. I didn’t post the answers publicly but rest assured that I read each and every one. Lots of good suggestions.

One that popped up more than once was, “How can I find more info on a specific subject?”

Ask and you shall receive.

I have personally written well over 600 articles on the hot dog cart and mobile food vending business for you to learn and profit from. They are all free, and they are all right here:

The fully updated article database is now searchable too. You might want to bookmark this and share it with your slinger friends.

I hope you find this info helpful in your quest to start and/or grow your own hot dog biz!




The following is a guest post by “Happy” Jack Meeks. Great info. If you want to hear more from Happy Jack and how he grew his hot dog biz to three carts, you can listen to the interview I did with him for Hot Dog Cart Radio by clicking here.

“Happy” Jack Meeks

Here is the best tip you are ever going to get regarding ice usage and coolers.

I have had the same coolers (Coleman) for 5 seasons now. First you need to store your coolers completely filled with canned products and ice for the next day in a walk in cooler.

Also keep all your spare beverages in the walk in as well. Never put warm beverages in your cold coolers, it will reduce your ice by 50%. We have the coldest beverages in Indiana and that’s how we do it.

Hope it helps,
Happy Jack’s Hot Dogs, Greenwood, Indiana.

P.S. If you don’t have a walk in cooler get a used refrigerator off of Craigs List specifically for your hot dog business. Store all your beverages in the fridge and keep your coolers indoors in the air conditioning whenever you are not using them.


Fellow Doggers..we are in a contest for best hot dog in Indianapolis and we are currently in 2nd place we need to get 60 votes today to move into 1st and we are hoping that you would cast a vote for us at the link below. Please consider voting for us at the link below. Thanks, Happy Jack

Happy Jack


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