I Need a Hot Dog Slinger For a Movie Shoot.


hot dog cart movie

Hey Slinger,

Do you want to be in the movies? I just got a call from Victoria Craven, a producer in New York.

She needs a cart and an operator to sling dogs in the background of a movie that she is shooting. It would be an eight hour day and it will be on either the 13th, 14th or 15th of October (to be determined) in Manhattan.

If you want to do it, email Victoria at victoria@urbannyc.com

Good luck!



Look who just did $100,000 in Hot Dog Sales.


Are you are still on the fence about starting your own hot dog biz? Here’s some quick inspiration for your morning from one of my Hot Dog Profits Premium members…


Hi Steve, Robert from Virginia, wanted to let you know that I have surpassed $100,000 in sales since I started this business 16 months ago. Many thanks to you.


Way to go Robert! You’ve done an amazing job!

Hey Slingers (or soon to be Slingers). I’m not saying that you will do as well as Robert but it is certainly possible if you know the secrets. In fact I have some students who are doing better than Robert (a LOT better).

This is a real business that takes work. You will get out of this business what you put into it.

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, I don’t have anything to offer you. You might as well move along.

However, if you want to invest your efforts into a real business that is cheap to start, yet offers the potential of a six figure income, I can help you. Join HDP Premium. I’m keeping it super affordable for those who need it the most.

See you there.



Hot Dog Cart Needed $700 Net Pay For 6 Hours


Hot Dog Cart Needed

Who wants $700 for six hours of fun (I mean work)? I need a Hot Dog Cart vendor for a two day gig.

It’s 3 hours on October 9th, and 3 hours on October 10th. It is a store Grand Opening event.

You will give away 600 to 700 Hot Dogs each day, ketchup and mustard ONLY. The promoter will reimburse you up front for all product costs and pay you $700 for your time.

Here are the details…

This is an excellent gig. I have worked with this promoter many times before and my slingers who have worked these gigs have all had glowing reports.

This time the gig is in Memphis TN.

You must be licensed!

Call Mark at 260.271.9144 or email at marklski@hotmail.com.

Don’t have your hot dog biz up and running yet? There are big pay days like this one every weekend in towns across America that you’re missing out on. Want to get started? Click here for the best way.


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