Who wants to make $200 an hour selling hot dogs? Read this very inspirational email that I just received from one of my Premium students. Doug writes…


Steve, here is something for your readers.

Just a note to all the people who are on the fence about wondering whether they should or should not invest in a hot dog cart business, I have the following comments.

I have followed your wisdom and have invested in your literature about the hot dog business.

I have been in the business for just shy of three years. There have been some ups and downs in the business but by sticking with it, the hot dog business has proven to be very successful for me.

I have just landed a gig which will pay me [click to continue…]


Today I want to share some great info about increasing sales at your cart, but toward the end of this article I’m going to ask you for some help on behalf of one of our slinger buddies.

Paul Chapman and his E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart

Hey everybody, today I want to talk about a key concept in the hot dog cart business – cart presentation. How good is your presentation?

The first step in the hot dog vending sales process is getting attention. If you can’t get someone’s attention you obviously can’t sell them anything. But after you get that initial attention, what is the next step? Presentation.

I always say, “Don’t sell a hot dog – sell an [click to continue…]


Hey there Slingers, it’s Hot Dog Cart Radio time!

Oh my gosh, it’s been waaaay too long, but we’re back and we have a great show for you today.

Most folks don’t think about selling their hot dog vending business when they are just starting out. But that is exactly the right time to start planning your exit strategy!

There are things that you can do from the beginning that will drastically increase your return when you decide to cash in. Instead of settling for the price of your depreciated rig (disappointing), you can sell [click to continue…]


More Pics of James Hot Dog Slingin’ Machine Extraordinaire

Check out James’s E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart. It’s a side serve beauty with a lot of cool mods. James writes… “Hey Steve, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing some of the modifications that I did with the cart. Knowing someone would accidentally walk into the license plate and tail light [...]

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James Has a Shot at Selling Hot Dogs at the Beach – But He Needs Your Input.

I really need your input on this one Steve. I built an E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart from your plans and videos. After just a couple days of slingin’ I was approached by a city official in one of the beach front cities near me. She was so impressed with the cart and the taste [...]

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We Lost a Good Friend and Fellow Hot Dog Slinger Yesterday

Thumbnail image for We Lost a Good Friend and Fellow Hot Dog Slinger Yesterday

It is with great sadness that I bring you this news. Debi Dunaj passed away yesterday from complications arising from cancer and pneumonia. She ran a hot dog cart in Florida and was the very first slinger that I had the pleasure to interview for this blog. That was many years ago but it seems [...]

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How Important is a Grill on a Hot Dog Cart?

Hey Steve, How important do you think it is to have a grill with a portable cart? Do you personally use or have used a grill? If so, why or why not? Thank you, Abebe K. ************************************************ Hi Abeba, I think of a grill as an accessory. You don’t have to have one but it [...]

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Turn a Mini Van into a Hot Dog Catering Machine?

Hey Slingers, I just got off the phone with Gary Working, a.k.a. “The Hot Dog Man with the Hot Dog Plan”. Gary is a long time slinger and Hot Dog Profits reader in Indiana. Gary was brainstorming with me about how to turn a station wagon or mini van into a catering rig for industrial [...]

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Jason’s Side Serve E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart – Must See!

Hey Steve! Just wanted to say thank u so much and I wanted u to see our finished E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart. The only thing we have to do is attach the letters to the cart. -Jason Griswold *************************************** Wow Jason – that is one AWESOME E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart!!!  (more pictures below…) [...]

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Hot Dog Carts – Full Time? Part Time? Good Location? Bad Location?

Good afternoon Steve, How do you determine if I should be doing this full time or part time? Also, the location of my cart. how to you determine if it is good  / bad ? Thank you, Jerome K. *************************** Hi Jerome, If you already have a job, I recommend starting out part time and [...]

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