Do any of you “seasoned” slingers remember this?


Hey there,

I have a quick question for you. How many hours are you open for business on a typical day? Not including set up, tear down, or prep – just hours serving.

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build a hotdog cartHey Steve !

It’s been a year in the making, not because it was difficult but because I didn’t have much spare time and I made a few changes.

It’s ready to work now. I had in mind to work festivals a couple of weekends a month instead of slinging daily, since these are typically long day affairs I had to make some changes.

I would need more fresh water so I installed a twelve gallon tank and of course a larger grey water tank, sixteen gallons. The body is normal width for an Easy Built but it is longer. This makes room for the larger tanks and for three drawers across the back for buns, utensils or whatever.

It might need more gas to run long days so it has two twenty pound cylinders and an automatic switch over for when one runs out the other kicks in so the flames never go out. The extra length also provides an empty flat area for a coffee pot, nacho dispenser, pretzel display, doughnuts, or any other taste treat.

The entire top surface is Formica; hundred can cooler, water pump with an external hidden on/off switch, thirty five amp battery with external connection for charging, four sinks, water heater, and two umbrellas.

Speaking of water, when it’s time to add water to the steam table, just open the third faucet and add to the boiling pan or the steam pan. The front caster wheel folds up out of the way for towing, no tools required. Also; the burners won’t come off while towing – they have been drilled and tapped and screwed in place.

Now the down side. I am pushing seventy and am having trouble controlling my blood pressure and I can’t stand for five minutes straight. My wife isn’t doing all that well and she was going to work with me. I am going to sell the cart while it is all new. I think that $3000.00 is a very reasonable price.

This cart is located about thirty miles from Kalamazoo Michigan. It can be seen weekday mornings.

Please pass this along to any one that may be interested.

Thanks Steve for your help early on in the project, and all the help given out via Hot Dog Profits.

With best wishes,

David B.

ps; more photos available.


You did a wonderful job on your E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart David! I’m sorry that health issues force you to sell it, but someone is going to really enjoy it.

I designed the E-Z Built to be totally customizable so that anyone can build the cart of their dreams by watching the simple step by step videos. I love what you did with it Dave!!! I can tell you put a LOT of thought into the modifications that you made – well done indeed!!!

OK slingers, if you want this cart you better act fast. At this price it’s a steal and I know it won’t last long. Just think how much you would have to spend to buy a cart like this from a manufacturer. Big bucks.

Contact David at

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