Is the thought of keeping the books for your hot dog cart giving you bad dreams? No more worries my friend.

Hi Steve,

I am in process of building a hot dog tycoon business and have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to do my bookkeeping. I’m so glad I came across your video “Cash Tracker” I have been putting off buying over $500.00 in Q@ Books and software on how to use the program.

I don’t have a degree in accounting and really don’t have them time to take a 6 month class with kids half my age. (nothing against young people in school)

My question is this: It looks simple in your short video, (so does the $ 500.00 software) do you offer any kind of money back guaranty or technical support with the software? I have not used the code to try the software for 5 day’s yet because I think deep down that it’s going to be as confusing as all the other software and I don’t want another set back or excuse to put a halt on my startup.

The bookkeeping is the number one thing that is keeping me from going forward and it’s frustration as hell. I look forward to hearing from you and put my worries behind me and moving forward.

Thank You In Advance;



Hi Michael,

I had the same problem as you do when I first got started in the hot dog biz. Bookkeeping was a nightmare. That’s why I hired a software developer to create a custom bookkeeping program just for us hot doggers.

The big problem with Quickbooks (or any other program out there) is that it comes completely blank. You have to set up all the accounts. Well, if you don’t already know accounting how are you supposed to do that? It’s a catch 22.

Hot Dog Cash Tracker comes completely set up right out of the box. We pre-loaded it with all of the accounts you will need to get started. Just install it, open it, and it’s ready to go.

All you need to do is put in your income after a day of vending, and your expenses when you buy food or propane. That’s it. Cash Tracker takes over from there. It will generate a Profit and Loss Statement with the click of a button. This make tax time a breeze.

It is totally customizable too. If you want to add accounts, you can do it simply and easily. Do you sell shaved ice? Add it in, no problem. The video tutorial walks you through it.

We do offer full tech support from both myself and the actual developer. You are never alone.

Take the free trial and play with it. You will see that it’s not the least bit confusing. In fact, I bet you will breathe a sigh of relief when you see how simply Cash Tracker solves your bookkeeping worries. It will reduce your time spent doing the books from several hours a week to just minutes.

You are right Michael, bookkeeping used to be frustrating as hell for hot dog tycoons in the making. But now there’s the very affordable Cash Tracker software. Take it for a free spin. You’ll love it.

Get your free trial here: It comes with a full 18 minute video that shows you how to save a ton of time and headaches when keeping your books, plus a list of tax deductions that you can use in your hot dog biz.


P.S. As always, let me know how else I can help you!



Getting the agreement. For free.

Hey Slingers, both current and future!

Of all the emails that I get, two questions seem to come up the most.

1. How do I get a commissary?

2. How do I get a location?

Over the years I bet I have sent out the following answer to several hundred individuals, but I don’t believe I have ever shared it in an article. Well, today’s the day! And I have good news.

This Hot Dog Profits Technique will get both commissaries and locations RENT FREE.

A commissary is nothing more than a health department approved kitchen. All you need is a letter to show the inspector that says the facility agrees to let you use their kitchen.

Here’s how to get that commissary letter, or permission to set up on that piece of property that you’ve had your eye on.

If you approach a local business and just ask to set up there, or if you can use their kitchen as a commissary, what’s in it for them? Not much. Even if you offer to pay them rent, the tiny additional income doesn’t make it worth it.

The whole key is to remember everyone’s favorite radio station, wii fm (what’s in it for me?)

What does every business want? MORE CUSTOMERS!!!
What do they have to do to get more customers?
They have to advertise and that’s expensive!

You just have to think about it a little differently – from their perspective. What’s in it for them?

Don’t even talk about rent, talk about how you happen to have advertising space available on your cart and promotional materials…

On the fliers you distribute, on the rear window of your tow vehicle, and on the menus that your customers will post on bulletin boards in their break rooms at work – all over town!

Tell them that thousands of people each month will see it and ask them how much that kind of exposure would cost them in traditional advertising?  Thousands.

And you’ll do all this for them FOR FREE in exchange for letting you set up there or for giving you a commissary letter.

That’s the winning pitch.

If you’re tired of trying to figure all this stuff out on your own, consider joining my premium membership club. You’ll get instant online access to all the mobile food vending books, videos, audio recordings, and other training materials that we have ever produced. It’s a truly HUGE repository of mobile food knowledge.

You can look it over here:

It’s a small investment in your future that will save you thousands of dollars and months of trial and error.

Let me know how else I can help you!


P.S. I’d love to hear from you all you slingers.If you have any location /commissary tips or strategies to add please share them in the comments below!


Hot Dog Cart Breakfast?

Hey Hot Dog Profits Slingers,

I’m looking for suggestions on serving a yummy hot dog breakfast.

Here are the hot dog items I have so far; hot dogs, all beef please, sausage links or patties, shredded cheese, bacon, onions, hash browns, coffee, orange juice , scrambled eggs.

I need suggestions on the gravy to put on the top. Serve it up early in the morning, where foot traffic is heavy, in a Styrofoam tray.

Let me know any ways to perfect this breakfast, or any hot dog slingers out there that serve up the hot dogs early in the morning.

Happy hot dogging to all of you!

Gary The Hot Dog Man

P.S. I hope I made you all hungry!


Those hot dogs and scrambled eggs at the top of this article are looking pretty good to me. I hope the comments below give you some great ideas for serving breakfast from your hot dog cart. For a complete education on making money with mobile food vending please consider joining Hot Dog Profits Premium.

All right slingers, let’s hear you in the comments. Gary needs us!



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