One of the biggest causes of failure in the hot dog biz is not charging enough at your hot dog cart.

And the biggest reason for not charging enough is fear. Let’s face it, most newbie slingers are scared to death to charge a fair price for their meals.

Their self talk goes something like this…

“What if I put all this effort into starting a hot dog biz and then I don’t sell enough hot dogs? I know! I’ll set my prices so low that it will be a no brainer. People will be sure to buy from me if the price is low enough.”

The big, giant, hairy problem with this logic is that [click to continue…]


Have a relaxing day all you Dads out there!

While it’s nice to be the center of attention once a year, I also like to spend some time on Father’s Day reflecting on how I can do my fathering job a little bit better.

Because it’s really not about us Dads. It’s about those who make us Dads.



Hot Dog Profits Premium member Billy Bell just sent me these pictures of the E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart that he just built by following along with the cart building videos that are included in the membership (there are now over 120 videos in the members area – including a complete set that shows how to actually work the hot dog cart and sling dogs like a pro).

hot dog cart plans 2

Billy created a really unique cart as you will see in the pics below… [click to continue…]


What to Look Out For When Buying a Used Hot Dog Cart

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Keep the Hot Dog Cart Nostalgia Factor When Growing Your Business

One of the biggest advantages you have with your hot dog cart is the nostalgia factor. People love the whole idea of a hot dog cart. That nostalgia factor is responsible for a good percentage of your sales. So what’s a slinger to do when you graduate to a concessions trailer? How do you keep [...]

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Are Your Hot Dogs Falling Apart? Try This…

Hot Dogs Falling Apart? Maybe You’re Going Too Cheap. If my Bar-S Jumbo Dogs stay in the water too long, they fall apart. What is a better Jumbo Dog? My wife and I are really new to the business. – Dave B. Hot Dog Profits Premium Member ****************** Hi Dave, It is tempting to increase [...]

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Get Your Kids Involved With Your Hot Dog Cart

Get Your Kids Involved With Your Hot Dog Cart Hey Slingers (and those who want to be)! I just got some totally cool pictures in an email from new HDP Premium Member Mark Johnson. Here is a sneak peak… Mark is starting a hot dog cart and is going to be working with his 9 [...]

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Serving Subs, Meatball Sandwiches, or Italian Beef on a Hot Dog Cart?

Hi Steve, We just started a concession stand two weeks ago. Have been making chilli dogs, hot dogs and meatball subs. Our main problem has been the buns. Can anyone tell me a good sub bun? Recommend on Facebook Share on google plus Tweet about it Tell a friend

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Hot Dog Cart Gig Post – Multiple Gigs – $600 Payouts

Hey Slingers, I just got news of five Grand Opening gigs that need hot dog vendors in June. All food is pre-paid by the promoter. All you have to do is show up and give away dogs at the Grand Opening. You’ll get $600 for your efforts. We have posted these gigs in Recommend on [...]

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The Easiest Way to Increase Sales at Your Hot Dog Cart

What is the easiest way to increase sales at your hot dog cart? It’s not by getting more customers. Sure, getting more people to become regular customers at your hot dog cart will definitely increase your sales, but it’s definitely not the easiest way. In fact, the hardest part of the sales process is new [...]

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