Operating Hot Dog Vending Business For Sale

Operating Hot Dog Vending Business For Sale Hey Steve: I have an operating Hot Dog Vending Business For Sale. Jimmy up here in Waterford WI. Thanks for talking with me today. As I said I'm putting my hotdog business up for sale due to moving out of state. Hate for this amazing business to fall [...]

How to Get Started Part Time, Take it Full Time, Quit Your Job, and Live the Dream!

If you've been following this newsletter for any amount of time you've seen example after example of regular  folks just like you making a great full time income with hot dog carts.  But how exactly did these folks get their start? One of the hardest things to get your head around is the start up [...]

Profitable Hot Dog Vending Business For Sale in Stockton CA

I helped this gentleman get started in the hot dog biz several years ago. Paul "Chappy" Chapman has been featured several times in the Hot Dog Profits newsletter. Chappy is not only one of my most successful students, he is also the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet. I'm fortunate to have gotten to know [...]

Metal E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart

Steve, Thank you for your hot dog cart design plans and all the tips you provide every day. We did a few external modifications to the design, but at its heart is an E-Z Built cart. Attached are a couple of pictures. Thank you, Rich Keith, Deepwater Dogs ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Wow, nice job Rich! I love [...]

Ice Saving Ideas for Hot Dog Carts

Ice, like propane, is part of the overhead expense on a hot dog cart. Reducing overhead increases profit. Today let's explore how to keep more of the money you make by saving on ice costs. Hi Steve, I have a question regarding keeping my drinks cold. (soda, juice water etc.) We have been using coolers and ice [...]

How do employees affect profit margins?

Hi Steve, I had a question I thought you might be able to help me with. In your experience if you had multiple carts and hired employees to run them do you know what the profit percent would be factoring in the food cost, hourly pay for the employee and misc. expenses? I figured the [...]

From hot dog cart to brick and mortar restaurant in less than 20 months.

Mike Quarles used his Hot Dog Profits Premium training to fast track his success in the hot dog biz! This is an inspirational read... Steve, Why didn't you tell me about this business 20 years ago? As you know, I've been leasing a couple of spaces in a downtown parking lot for the past two years, [...]

Speedy Weeny?

Why this didn't catch on is beyond me...

Home built stand-in concession trailer from the E-Z Built plans

Hi Steve --- I purchased your E-Z Built series a couple of months ago with the intent of building a cart. They were very helpful in guiding me in designing and building my own self-contained concession trailer. I already owned an 6 x 12 open utility trailer, that I enclosed and wrapped with metal roofing material. [...]