How to Run a Fleet of Hot Dog Carts

Fleet of home made hot dog carts
Hi Steve,

Since I have north of 20 grand to potentially invest should I buy carts and just rent them out? Much rather stay inside if I can. I was pretty “shocked”, I guess you’d say, when I saw how cheap a lot of these carts go for.



Hi Mike,

First let me say that you can get started for about 1/20th of that nut! No matter how much cash you have to start with, I always advocate beginning with one single cart, running it yourself, and working out the kinks.

Once you have a repeatable system for making money, then get a [click to continue…]


Happy Fourth of July Hot Dog Slingers!


Wishing a safe, fun, and if you’ve got your cart out today, a profitable Fourth of July to all of my slingers (and those who want to be).

Our country was built by folks like you. People who got off their butts and made [click to continue…]


Weiners on Water Celebrates 30 Years!

Hot Dog Boat

Weiners on Water

That’s Cap’n Butch on the left, and his First Mate Jim.

30 years ago a man named Butch and his wife Laura bought a pontoon boat and started serving hot dogs to the folks on the Connecticut River in East Haddam CT. They were soon joined by another nautical hot dogger named Jim.

You can find these three salty dogs on Saturdays and Sundays motoring up and down the waterway, providing what has become a meal of legendary status to boaters, jet skier, and all manner of water craft.

We have been lucky enough to be the recipient of the wisdom of Butch’s first mate Jim for many years. Jim is a popular commenter on the blog here at HDP. You’ll surely recognize him because he speaks fluent Pirate. Arrrgh!

Check out this short video of Weiners on Water. What a gig, huh?

However it is with a bit of sadness that I share this next bit of news.

Jim will be retiring at the end of this season. He will be relocating to warmer waters, but he assures me that he will continue to drop by to engage in the conversation here from time to time.

We are very glad for that. Jim is not only entertaining but he has a wealth of slingin’ knowledge that he doesn’t mind sharing.

Congrats, Butch, Jim, and Laura on a 30 year tradition of fun and tasty treats on the water!

Let’s hear it for the crew of Weiners on Water in the comments below!


P.S. If you want to outfit a boat from which to sling your own weiners, I can help. Shoot me an email at and I’ll get you pointed in the right direction.


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Add a Roof to Your Hot Dog Cart

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Keep the Hot Dog Cart Nostalgia Factor When Growing Your Business

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Are Your Hot Dogs Falling Apart? Try This…

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Get Your Kids Involved With Your Hot Dog Cart

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