hot dog cheese

Hi Steve,

 I grate my own hot dog cheese from blocks, rather than buying the kind that’s already shredded.

But my circular blade got damaged and I need a new system.

Any recommendations for quick and easy cheese graters? Maybe you could ask the vendors in your newsletter.

Dave Parker, Dogs For Dogs


Hi Dave,

I used to use grated cheese for my dogs but I must confess I never grated it myself. I bought the pre-shredded cheese in bags. I found it somewhat difficult to apply to the dogs as it would clump badly unless I kept it very cool.

I have since moved to Easy Cheese as the product of choice for my hot dog cheese. It is made by Kraft and comes in aerosol containers. It’s definitely not “gourmet” but it is health department approved just about everywhere, needs no refrigeration, and you can make cool designs with it on the hot dog, LOL. I like the fact that it is quick and easy to apply, and doesn’t make a mess on my cart.

That being said, I still believe that fresh grated cheese is the best way to make a true “gourmet” cheese dog, so kudos to you Dave for going the extra mile!

OK slingers, what say you? What kind of hot dog cheese do you use? Do you grate it yourself, and if so what device do you use to grate it? Please share your best hot dog cheese ideas in the comments below!

We can all learn so much from each other, myself included.



Hi Steve,

I will be selling hot dogs, hot sausages, chicken, and ribs on a huge mobile grill.

Do you have any suggestions on how to handle the hot dogs and sausages on a grill until they are sold?


Hot dogs and sausages will dry out quickly on a grill. If you don’t handle them correctly you will throw away more than you sell.

Here’s what to do if you only have a grill and no steam table…

Get a 6″ deep 1/2 size steam pan, fill it about half way with water, and put it on the grill. Place it strategically over the coals so the water will stay hot but below boiling. 150-170 degrees is ideal. Using a lid will keep evaporation to a minimum but will also increase the temperature so monitor it every once in a while.

Grill your dogs and sausages, then transfer them to the water bath to hold them. They will stay moist and tasty for a long time.

When a customer orders one, pull it out of the water and toss it back on the grill for a few seconds just for show, then serve it up.

You can use a few of these water baths if you have enough grill space.

Sell ‘em all!



This just in from Hot Dog Profits Premium member John. He did a great job building his own cart with the E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart video and plans (included in the membership). He writes…

Hi Steve, I just finished the cart, breezed through approval and inspection. Made a few alterations, aluminum top and trim work. Will start promo shortly.



Nice job John! Sell ‘em all.

Let’s hear it for John in the comments. We have a new slinger among us!


Click the picture for a larger version.


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