If you ask a hot dog cart business owner if they have enough customers, 99 percent will say no. And 1 percent will be lying.

Hot Dog Cart Marketing

“To succeed you must sell hot dogs to a lot of people. The good news is that there are a lot of people.”

What if I told you that I’m pretty sure I can get your hot dog biz on the first page of Google?

Recently I have been doing that very thing for a few local businesses near me. You see, word has gotten around in my town that I’m “the guy who knows all that internet stuff” and business owner friends of mine have been asking me to help them with their online marketing.

When I think back I have to laugh. When I started my first hot dog biz in 2006 I could barely spell computer. I taught myself how to build a website because I wanted one for my business. Then I wanted to put my hot dog training online so I learned how to do that. One thing leads to another I guess.

Anyways, after a lot of trial and error I came up with a strategy that is putting local businesses on page one of Google very consistently. Sometimes multiple listings on page one.

I think it would be fun to test this brand new method with a few of my hot dog slinger friends. If you want your mobile food business to be ranked high on Google so that customers in your town can find you, then this is for you.

  • This works even if you don’t have a website yet.
  • There is no work involved on your part.
  • My marketing team and I will do everything.

If you are interested leave your name, phone number, city, and state in the comments below. Tell me a little about your business too. I won’t be publishing these comments. No one will read them but me.

I will select a few slingers from the list. If you are one of these, I will personally give you a call to see if we are a good fit.

If chosen, I will create an online advertising package to promote your business. It will include a video commercial, a recorded audio interview with me on Hot Dog Cart Radio, a transcript of that interview, links to your Facebook page and website (if you have them – NOT mandatory) and any customer testimonials that you have collected (again, not mandatory).

There will be a small fee to cover my costs, but I think you will find that it is more than reasonable. It will be waaaay less than a local newspaper ad. If the price is OK with you then I will get started.


Name, Email, Phone, City, State and a little info about your hot dog biz.

In the comments below.

This is going to be awesome!




This just in from Hot Dog Profits reader Dave Barkley…


Just ran across this Facebook page from Hebrew National.  Thought I’d pass it along for all the slingers out there. It might be a good draw for those cool football game days or nights at the end of the normal slinging season.

Awesome! Thanks Dave.

You can click on the pic above, or on this link: Football Themed Hot Dogs



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Hi Steve,

I finally got a great spot for my cart, just waiting for the city permitting….should be done this week, I hope!

Anyway, I’ll be located at a Car stereo shop right on the busiest corner in our town with great access and parking for customers. The shop owner didn’t ask for rent he only wants me to sell at a discount to his employees….this is my dilemma!

The original spot I was going to set up at across the street was zoned wrong and the guy wanted $50 per month.

A dog, chips and soda sells for $3.00 with a cost of around $1.15….There are about 8 guys working at the shop and claim to be hot dog fanatics! I don’t want them to eat me out of house and home! I can easily see $50 in discounts within a couple of weeks if they eat frequently….Can you give me an idea of what employee discount I should extend to these guys without my profits being eaten up too!?

Thanks for all your wisdom Steve!

Sandy aka Sandy’s Hot Rod Dogs


Hi Sandy,

You need a bit more profit margin and NOT just so you can afford the employees discount. Underpricing your product is the fastest way to go out of business. At the very least you will be miserable working your butt off for peanuts.

Even a convenience store hot dog (yuck) with a bag of chips and a soda will cost more than $3.

I sell my dogs for $3 each, $4 as a combo with chips and soda. That includes any condiment including chili or cheese. Make a menu of “signature” hot dogs with unique toppings and names. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from the gas station dogs and justify charging a bit more.

Look at it this way. At your current pricing you will keep $185 for every 100 hot dogs that you sell. If you charge $1 more than you currently do, you will keep  $285 for every 100 hot dogs that you sell, and a $1 employee discount is totally doable.

Would you rather make $185 or $285 for the same amount of work?

Don’t be afraid to charge for a quality product and a unique experience. You are worth it!



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