If you want to be able to charge higher prices for your hot dogs, you must sell the customer an entire experience, not just food. Here is a guy who absolutely nails it. Even though he sells ice cream, we can all learn from this master showman.


This has been passed around for years now but it was originally written for us at HotDogProfits.com by Chef J. Gagion, (a.k.a. Pocono Hot Dog).
Merry Christmas slingers – Enjoy!

“Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the streets, were carts upon carts, selling Country smoked meats,

I stopped in Chicago to sample their wares, but when I asked them for ketchup, I got nothing but Stares,

Just Hot Vienna Sausage Loaded with fun, Sport Peppers and Tomato ON A POPPYSEED BUN??

On to Baltimore City that Inner Harbor Town, at J. Gagions Cart I plunked two fifty down,

For his Chesapeake Dog my taste buds were achin, 100% beef with Old Bay and Smoked Bacon,

The slaw that he served was not on the side, but right on the dog, between the buns it did ride.

On to New York to see what they Know, but first, just two stops in the Grand Mountains Pocono,

The Worlds Largest Chili Dog was the Point of their Sign, and the eyes in my stomach were much bigger than mine,

I feasted for hours before I went on my way, for I had Lunch and Dinner and Breakfast the next Day.

Headed East through the Water Gap, with My stomach a fill, We stopped by the Roadside of all places, Buttzville

With Fresh Buttermilk I toasted my My server Big Bonnie, and wolfed down a Classic from the Hot Dogger Named Johnny .

On Dasher and Prancer Lets take off in this rig, we are headed to Broadway in the Apple so big,

Where Hundreds of carts serve no Regrets, just Traditional Weiners with the name of Sabrett,

You can get em with Chile and Onions and Kraut, but I favor the specials the Vendors put out,

Some favor the Chile of Coney Island Fame, Like Nathans Famous, but what’s in a name.

Some Like Mustard and Ketchup and Relish instead, I chose the Latter with Onions of Red.

I head now to the Border, Be in Canada by Night, But not before sampling HOTS of red and white.

MERRY Christmas to all…..and to all a good BITE….


Stumpy's Hot DogsPremium Member Dan Bradley built an all metal E-Z Built (see pics below) and is slingin’ dogs in sunny California. He writes…


Steve, I just wanted to send you a few photos of my cart. It was built by a friend and myself and passed the strict Kern County California with a 100 % score.

I have been working it in front of the Ace Hardware store in Calif City. I serve Costco dogs, tamales, churros, corn on the cob, and what ever else I can get people to buy LOL.

Thanks for the help that Hot Dog Profits Premium gave me in getting set up and wanting to do this. It has been good for me. Got me off the couch.

Dan Bradley, HDP Premium Member.


Good for you Dan! I’m proud of you.

I love what you did with the cart. It’s a thing of beauty for sure. Let me know how else I can help you!


P.S. For those who want to build their own metal cart, our E-Z Built plans are just the ticket. If you have basic metal working skills, all you need to do is substitute metal angle for the frame members, then attach the sheet metal of your choice. The firebox, tanks, plumbing, electrical, sinks, and everything else is built just like in our video instructions.

Click the pic for a larger version.


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