Best Hot Dogs in Columbus OH

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Best Hot Dogs in Columbus OH.

Where do you find the best hotdogs in Columbus OH? The ConeyKing!

Owner Frank Prince was just a 9 year old kid when he first start making Coney sauce at his father Tony’s restaurant, Tiny Tim’s.

Now The ConeyKing is bringing back the original flavor of Coney style hot dogs from the sixties.

The well rounded menu at The ConeyKing includes all beef Coney Style Hot Dogs, one of a kind Loose Beef Sandwiches, ConeyKing Spaghetti, Home Made Chili, Basket of Fries, and Salads.

If you want to experience the best hot dogs in Columbus OH, you have to make a trip to The ConeyKing at Talita’s.  A true family tradition.

The ConeyKing is located inside of Talita’s (the oldest Tex-Mex Café in Ohio) at The RiversEdge on Dublin Rd in Columbus Ohio.

The ConeyKing website is coming soon.  In the meantime, be sure to visit the Talita’s website at  We look forward to serving you!

The ConeyKing at Talita’s in Columbus OH – Reviews

five-stars“I have been eating Talita’s food now for 25 years and still can’t get enough of it. The service is fast and very friendly. The food hits the spot every time.” – Christopher Trumbull

five-stars“Been eating Talita’s food for 40 years and still cannot get enough…I think I’m addicted. Great people making great grub, what more can I say! Give them a try!” – Mark Dillehay

five-stars“Love this place, love the food, and I love the family that runs it. I’m just glad it is still around after all these years. So many family own places like this have gone away years ago. Go Frankie, let’s make it another 50 years.” – Rob Moore

five-stars“Went there yesterday. Been eating there since 1974. Food as good as ever! Great job Frank!” – Mike Carter

five-stars“I’ve been eating at Talitas for several decades. This is in my top 10 list of places to eat. Frankie Prince, the proprietor, is as nice a person as you’ll ever meet. The food is always superb. It’s a great family atmosphere. I’ve talked myself into going there tonight.” – Herbert Webb


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The ConeyKing at Talitas • 1335 Dublin Rd Suite 110E  • Columbus OH • (614) 871-8733

best hot dogs in Columbus OH