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Hey slingers,

I want you to know that even though I have an absolute ball helping newbies start their own hot dog vending businesses, I do this for a living.  I  make money by selling my own training products, books, videos, and software, and by recommending products and services from trusted sources that will help you make more money with your hot dog biz.  Some of the links to these products and services are affiliate links.  This means that when you make a purchase I might earn a commission on that sale.  The commission is paid by the seller, not by you, so your cost is the same whether you buy it through my link or not.  These commissions are a small source of side income that allows me to keep the price of my own products as low as possible.  An example of this is my free website program.  When you get web hosting through my link, the hosting company pays me a commission.  I use that commission to pay my team to build your website – at no cost to you! has gotten so large that it is impossible for me to go back through it and list every affiliate link that exists.  For this reason you should just assume that any links that lead to products and services are affiliate links and that I will earn a commission from that supplier.  If you have any questions regarding the above, feel free to contact me.


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