Stand In Hot dog Cart


We purchased a basic trailer with serving window and did the interior ourselves. We have a summer location on Perdido Key with a beautiful view of the Emerald Green waters. Perdido Key is the Lost Key of Florida and the Western Gate to the Sunshine State. Even though our summer was Great, we doubled our best day of the summer season on International Talk Like A Pirate Day at the Perdido Key Pirate Festival. Soooo much fun and excitement. Thanks for all the good tips, lessons and advice on your site.

-Beth and Craig


Good for you two! Your trailer came out great. You should be very proud of yourselves.

Building out a standard utility trailer is a great alternative to buying a manufactured stand-in cart or mobile kitchen. You’ll save a lot of money and you can lay everything out exactly how you want it.

Premium Members – the videos inside your private members area are a great source of knowledge for how to do this. You’ll learn how to make everything you need using hardware store materials. From water tanks and plumbing to steam tables and burners we have you covered.

It’s really just building a cart inside out!

Let’s hear it for Beth and Craig, slingers. They did a great job on their rig!



Hot Dog Profits


How’s it going? I hope that all is well. I would like to share something with you and your readers and I really think that y’all will enjoy it. I did an event over the weekend called Food Truck Frenzy, held in downtown Temple, Texas and it featured a lot of local food truck owners from the central Texas area. It was not a competition but rather an event to promote the downtown area.

The organizer told the reporter that I would be a good spokesman for the event so I was featured in the story. I was blown away by that and I was excited to do it. Anyway, the story aired last night and it was awesome! I’ll attach the video to this email so that you can check it out. Thanks for all you have done for me, I truly appreciate it!

-Esteban Guzman, Stevies Red Hot Wienies

WAY TO GO ESTEBAN!!! I think they chose the right spokesman for sure. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing, you are an inspiration to us all brother!

Hey Slingers, let’s hear it for Esteban in the comments below!



Hot Dog Cart Needed

Who wants $600 for six hours of fun (I mean work)? I need several Hot Dog Cart vendors to work two day gigs.

You will give away 600 to 700 Hot Dogs each day, ketchup and mustard ONLY. The promoter will reimburse you up front for all product costs and pay you $600 for your time.

Here are the cities I need to fill…

Norfolk VA, New Orleans LA, Chicagoland IL, Morgantown WV, Kansas City MO

This is an excellent gig. I have worked with this promoter many times before and my slingers who have worked these gigs have all had glowing reports.

You must be licensed!

Call Mark at 260.271.9144 or email at for dates and more info.

Don’t have your hot dog biz up and running yet? There are big pay days like this one every weekend in towns across America that you’re missing out on. Want to get started? Click here for the best way.



Hot Dog Cart Radio – Woody’s Hot Dogs

Hey Slingers! Today I have a brand new episode of Hot Dog Cart Radio featuring Woodrow Wilson (no, not the dead president) of Woody’s Hot Dogs in Saginaw Michigan. Listen in as Woody and I talk about the hot dog cart start up process. You’ll learn a lot of cool tips and tricks about getting [...]

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Chris and His Hot Dog Cart Are Off to a Nice Start!

Hello Steve  Thought you might like to see a few pictures of my setup, I have somewhat of a hybrid I bought an old restaurant to renovate and decided to open up my stand in front of it for now, I’m on M-115 a busy rural state highway in Northern Michigan and getting people to [...]

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If I Were Hot Dog Santa What Would You Ask Me For?

Ho Ho Ho, Slingers! Now is the time of year for me to reflect on how well I have served you this year. I have some questions that I would like you to answer in the comments section. Your input will help us make 2016 the best year yet. I will not be Recommend on [...]

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Hot Dog Cart Modifications. What and How?

Hey Slingers (and those who want to be), This is one of my favorite times of the year. Why? Because I have time to do all the stuff that I’ve been putting off all year. Let me tell you a story about two lumber jacks who were in a tree cutting contest. When the starting [...]

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Who Wants a Remote Controlled Wienermobile?

Hold onto your buns. Get a Mini #WIENERROVER of your very own just in time for the holidays! Follow @OscarMayer on Twitter to get 1 of the 20 available today. Sale times vary. I just saw this and thought I’d pass it along. Good luck! -Steve Recommend on Facebook Share on google plus Tweet about [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving to All My Hot Doggers!

Happy Thanksgiving to All My Hot Doggers! . What am I thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day? YOU! It’s smart, friendly, and courteous readers like you that make it fun for me to come to work every day. Enjoy today and stop to think about all the good things in your life. May God bless [...]

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Who is slinging hot dogs through the winter?

Who is slinging hot dogs through the winter? . Hey Slingers! The weather is getting cooler but that’s not necessarily a reason to put the hot dog cart away. If you can get outside you just might sell more hot dogs in January than you will in August. The truth is that hot food sells [...]

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