Hot Dog Cart on A Busy Highway

Can a hot dog cart be successful on a busy highway?

Hi Steve,
I’m in a bit of a dilemma, I committed to a space and have been there for a month. I thought it was going to be a great spot. But I have not broken 50 bucks each time I’m out there.

I’m on the corner of a popular car sales lot, traffic is constantly moving by at 55 miles per hour. I put out signs to let people know hot dogs and cold drinks coming up to try and slow them down, but I have not experienced any change.

My product is great and I love slinging. I’m hoping you can guide me.

Maxys Delicious Dogs


Hi Tam,

I had a similar situation with my first hot dog biz, King Weenie Hot Dogs. I was set up in the parking lot of a small strip mall. There was a used car lot, a furniture store, and a tanning salon.

The strip mall was located on Hwy 47 which is a two lane blacktop road. The speed limit is 45 miles an hour and there was no stop light or stop sign at the entrance to the strip mall.

Even though there was a ton of traffic on that highway, not many folks were stopping to get a hot dog, so we put signs out a couple hundred feet up and down the road just like you did.

They still didn’t stop.

Thankfully, one day a customer came in and said that he had driven by us almost daily for a month. He always meant to stop in but by the time he saw our signs he had no time to slow down and make the turn into our parking lot.

So he drove on by and tried to remember to stop next time. But he always forgot until he saw the signs again as he blew past us.

A-HA! The next day we put signs out over a quarter mile away from us in each direction. People saw the signs and had time to slow down and turn in. Our sales increased almost immediately.

Sometimes it’s the little tweaks that can turn a loser location into a money spot.

Good luck Tam!



E-Z Built Stand In Hot Dog Cart

A stand in hot dog cart for less than a grand? Watch the video below my slingers, it’s brilliant…

I always love to see what my students do with the E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart Video and Plans Package that is included in our Premium Membership. We designed the E-Z Built to be easily customized, but today my jaw is on the floor.

HDP Premium Member Mark Hentrich used the videos and plans to build a stand in hot dog cart for less than $1000. How did he do it?

Hollow core doors! The front, the sides, the roof – the whole thing is built with hollow core doors… GENIUS! The back uses a full size door in the center and narrower bi-fold doors for the wall panels on either side of the door. The sinks, steam tables, plumbing, electric, etc, were all build from our plans for pennies on the dollar.


Hello Slingers

Here is a short video of my $950 inclosed cart which includes a griddle, a 7 cu ft fridge & freezer and a steamer & gravity sink. This cart is working out super great. It takes me less then 10 minutes to set up & tear down. It even fits in my garage. 

I have been hitting 2 car dealer ships one day a week. I clear between $85 and &110 in one hour.

I have custom buns I pick up every morning. They are made special for me. They are 1 inch shorter then a store bought bun and 3/4 in taller this gives plenty of room for the 14 toppings I offer,

My the best sellers are the Reuben dog– swiss cheese kraut and 1000 island dressing on a buttered bun toasted on my griddle #2 is the Chili dog on a toasted butter Griddle bun and #3 is the Mac and cheese dog topped with bacon bits also buttered and grilled. I sell then for $3.25 and I clear $1.90 per dog & make I make $4.36 on a 2 dog order.

I presently have 9 locations I can set upon and around Big Rapids.

So long for now

Mark the dog slinger – Hot Dog Profits Premium Member

” Have buns Will Travel”


Great job Mark! I’m super duper impressed. Glad things are going well for you business-wise too!

P.S. You can build any kind of mobile food vending cart that your imagination can come up with. No welding, no riveting. Our E-Z Built package is the place to start. Order today and you’ll get access to our complete hot dog vendor video training series too!


used electric hot dog cart for sale

This cart could be yours… Hey Slingers, I just got an email from HDP Premium Member James Doran telling me about his hot dog cart. After seeing it, I have to say that I am really impressed. This thing is a full-on money maker, no doubt about it.

This cart is like a professional kitchen on wheels. It has three warming pans, an onboard fridge, sink, water heater, and more. You could serve just about anything! And the construction is top of the line. All stainless steel, heavy duty casters, and talk about clean!

If you have an indoor spot, or want to get into indoor vending, you really need to check out this unit. I don’t think you will find anything even close to the quality and size of this cart for under $15,000 – and James is asking less than a third of that.

If you are interested you better move quickly. This cart won’t last long at this low price.

Price:$4900 Location: MI Phone: 248-765-6673  Email:

Stand-in Colorado Hot Dog Cart. 96″ x 36″. Three covered warming stations, built-in SS refrigerator, SS sink and water heater. There are tow 110v plugs for cash register and or light. Very good condition. Located in Rochester MI. Buyer responsible for pick-up or delivery.Includes extra warming pans, cash register, 220 cord and a few more items. $4900 Located in  Rochester Michigan. Contact James at  248-765-6673 Thanks!

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